Is it just me or is dating post divorce so 30's 40s' all about timing? I see 3 stages people go through post divorce. 1) people who want to get married and or be in relationship very quickly after a divorce. 2) People who are just emotionally wrecked and incapable of having a relationship 3) People who have been divorced a while, out of the wrecked stage and into the wish I could meet someone who is not in stage1 or Stage 2. I find so few people in stage 3 its ridiculous. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places match.com, bars, clubs, Grocery store, any other ideas? Then again I am pretty dam picky.
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so am I , Luv, so am I ....
Im really a sweet gal, I just dont get why I shut peepz out or they think i do.... ( Ask anyone , they'll tell you I dont have a mean bone
That actually used to make me upset, cause i just cant carry a grudge for nothing!