Next Please?

I am 43 and recently started dating again...

I joined a dating website and I am meeting a ton of new people.  I have had some pretty funny experiences with this.  I am thinking of changing my profile to read the following...

If you have huge amounts of missing or rotting teeth, you can hide it in your pics, but I will notice it when I meet you and will not go out with you again.  (EWWW)

If you are really 5'5" do not say you are 5'10" because I will tower over you when I meet you in 1" heels... and will not go out with you again.  Mostly because you are a liar. 

If you are looking for a one night stand, please don't waste my time or yours.  You will not get me to jump in bed with you no matter how cute or funny you are.  If you come on too strong, I will not go out with you again, you make me uncomfortable.

As you can imagine, I have had many many first dates. lol

Now, it is not all bad, as I have met some that I have and will see again... 

And the others, well, at least they give me funny stories to tell my friends :)




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43? Lucky you

You accounts are very accurate, I am officially validating your feelings. :)

Yep internet dating is kinda a double edged sword. Dammed if you do Dammed if you don't.

I like the ones that describe there body type as Athletic and in reality they are just overweight.

me too i love dating

omg yea the rotten teeth thing, my spouse hid that from me, i had no idea that the back of his mouth was missing all his teeth, ....<br />
<br />
now i know why he didnt really kiss me ... and why, if he did his kiss, it was more like surpressing my tongue from exploring around in his mouth.

I've been on some dating sites myself and it hasn't worked out so far but I only do it sporadically. What site was this? I was on christian ones but so far it hasn't worked out. You don't have to say which one if you don't want to but i've checked into 3 of them. I'm 56 and am in the process of leaving my relationship of ten years today.

Wow, I'm not 56 anymore and i'm still in that relationship but now we're just roommates. Haven't been on any dating sites in quite awhile

Date me :)

I tried the dating sites too. I didn't find them to be useful and only got scammers for interest in myself. One thing that i think you should be careful of is jealous people that show too much interest in you too quickly and someone too interested in your financial status. <br />
Be careful out there. A lot of people are on those sites to victimize others.

yea like the ones who ask. do u rent or own a home.... i tell them that my friend is none of ue bizz wax!

I thought I was the only one.... haha I am in my mid-30's dating men in their 40's and I find I am dealing with the same crap I had to deal with when I was dating in my 20's... OMG! What is wrong with dudes? Help! LOL

it never changes, my guy is in his 60s and he does the same crap that my x who was younger than me did.... and as they get older they dont want to go anywhere or do anything

It does go both ways

Hy da z a young looking old woman I'm in glenwood call me 0844505163

But what about the women!<br />
<br />
I will find out you lied about your age, weight!!!!, and financial score. Plus how many guys you're sleeping with now and host of other issues...

Is there any left that will take you out to dinner to a restaurant that serves with real silverware? I guess it's a sign of the economic times...LOL

Hi.<br />
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Well, tonite guess I was stood up. Im over 40 and am dating. I went out with this guy a couple of times had a few drinks and a good time, went our separate ways (btw I was into another guy at the time).. Didnt hear from him. Recently he got back in touch with me, we talked, texted, he hounded me for a date. Finally a day came that we were both off (tonite)..we last spoke New Years Eve (both had to work)., I thought he would text or call to confirm but Im really disappointed, I did not text him or call him because I think the GUY SHOULD BE A MAN AND i wrong here???

There are very few real gentlemen anymore. Yes he should have confirmed with you. I would not give him the time of day again if i were you. Tell him to buzz off if he contacts you again.
Yes i am old fashioned and there is nothing wrong with that either. Stick to your guns and if it is in God's will, He will bring the right guy into your life.
I don't care at this point in time if a man comes into my life. My husband hasn't even been deceased quite a year yet. I am enjoying my independence right now and loving life.
I got a horse again after being horse less for almost 3 years. The last one died after having her for 22 years. She was born into my lap and is much missed. Get a hobby that you just love and if a man comes into your life that likes the same thing or similar interests, then give him the time of day. I may sound like a broken record but Good men are hard to come by.

ROFL!! THATS EPIC!! YOU GO GIRL! You show them old lying men haha

Well, Diccky, there are plenty of people here on ep to meet. If you are more interested in meeting people to date, though, plenty of fish is a good site that is free.<br />
<br />
Txnflower, any life without drama sounds good to me. I'll check out the book. Thanks girl :)

dating without gotta read what paige parker stuff or read the book.. "Walk like a man Act Like a lady by the comedian.???

dating without gotta read what paige parker stuff or read the book.. "Walk like a man Act Like a lady by the comedian.???

Hi I M new in this group.................... I want some friends

Thanks Vegas. Yes, I am taking much more time choosing even first dates these days. It was getting way too exhausting going the other route...<br />
<br />
Mission Man. I agree people should take reasonable care of themselves. Mostly I find that people on dating sites like to present themselves as one thing, and show up as another thing entirely. Trust me, I am no model either, but I am honest in my profile and my pics are recent :)

Funny Longrun. Come to Atlanta and we have a date, Hon! I'm sure you could run here in no time... Oh yeah, bring coffee! ;)

I agree manonamission! And a full length shot wouldn't hurt either... Good luck to you!

Sounds about right. If it wasn't you it was your twin! lol

Ohh drats that what I forgot... I have a bad memory...I was good wasnt I? <br />
<br />
I was balanced on one leg an dribbling on both sides of my mouth right? hehehe I am so proud of myself just cant remember why ...

Sorry Dayenknight, but I'm pretty sure I already went out with you. Once. LOL

Hmmm how bout a 5 night stand?? but then I would have to come up for air before tackling the next 5..phew! <br />
I know you could handle it just not too sure about crook knee n me glass eye dont look too good nowadays......I can borrow my grans false teeth if no teeth bothers you...??I got no hair either...but I got a cute lisp and lost only one of my marbles....otherwise Im in perfect condition apart from my wooden leg dam Hip replacement...<br />
<br />
BTW Does your bedroom have wheelchair access? I get a little puffed after a minute of heavy breathing....I got excited which exhausted me just reading your ad...!! might have overdid it ....but I am so looking forward to our romantic sexy tryst to take you to bingo for our honeymoon I promise.......say yes preetttyyy pleeeeaseeee...:) Im good can trust me....

Highly encouraging.

Hmmm... At this point and time in my life I would consider a real man someone who is secure in themselves, does not need validation from me, or anything else from me, really. Someone who is cool with hanging out and having fun and not pushing on me for something more. <br />
<br />
I am good with myself and my life as it is.

What is your concept of a real man at this pint of time?

Thank you Paul. <br />
<br />
It is not as trying as as being in a relationship, Hon. Not really looking for the right one, or anyone in particular, for that matter. Just taking it day by day and having some fun.<br />
<br />
Life is short and every day is a new opportunity to live it to the fullest. Hugs.

It is always good to maintain your sense of humor through what seems to be a trying time. Clearly you have this as a wonderful characteristic!<br />
<br />
Enjoy the journey as you seek out the right person for you. The most you struggle with it, the harder it will seem. Each person that you do meet is coming to you for a reason. Bask in the moment even if you know that the person you are with is not the right one for you.<br />
<br />
Be Well.<br />
Paul.<br />

Glitter is def. something to be smiling about girlfriend. ;) brought a smile to my face thinking about the glitter!!!

Totally Snowy. Some guys just aren't up for angel wings and glitter. Just saying...

HBY- I think FG is gonna have to find THE right man for you and he will definitely have to be ready for you...LOL <br />
FG- are you up for the job? I'll gladly help you with this one :)

Awww... No apologies needed Groovy. You know I adore you Honey. Hugs.

I apologize....sometimes my true feelings just get in the way and I try to forget about this toxic mess I'm in. My bad. Thanks for your friendship Heaven.

Thanks Arsineh! Success is always a really good thing, Hon. Hugs.

Thanks for the laugh! Wishing you success with online dating.

LOL Sooner! That is funny, and sad too. For real. Hugs girl.<br />
<br />
Podlover, it all goes with the territory. I mean, there are millions of people in the world, and not too many that we really click with. Finding them is not as easy as it should be, for sure.<br />
<br />
MakeYourWifeHot. Hmmm... I agree with you on one level, but the internet certainly does make meeting people a bit easier than it used to be. And just like in real life, you have to weed through the ones that are just not your cup of tea.

Yeah...midlife people...some of us are old fashioned and want to meet a REAL person vs. an avatar!<br />
<br />
Keep up the energy with your new life! <br />
<br />

ha ive had loads and loads of blind dates...and some were terrible,some were great.

How about someone around my age? Now remember, he has to be a real man... :)

You want an older or younger model. I have them from 23 to 50.

Send one over, FG. The question is, is he ready for me? lol

Okay HBY you win. I am going to fix you up with a real man. Are you ready for that or do you need some more jerks first?

Maybe I would be, Rog, if they had some charm and eloquence! lol<br />
<br />
I'm glad too, that there have been some good ones.<br />
<br />
Hugs, Hon.

Hi Groovy. :)<br />
<br />
You know you are one of my favorite people ever. You are always there to bring a smile to my face because you are both funny AND cute. Too bad for me you are unavailable...

I promise you I have bright white teeth, I do stand 5'10", and would want more than a one night stand. I'm not trying to be funny or cute, and I hope I did'nt come on too strong. Hi buddy.

Yes, there have been some good ones too. I guess that's what it is all about, the dating thing. If they were all great ones there wouldn't be enough hours in the day, girl, and I wouldn't have as many funny stories to tell you lately! lol

LMAO but I am glad you added they haven't all been bad as I know there have been some really nice ones.

And getting shorter by the minute Gojira! <br />
<br />
You are right, I have met a few that are becoming good friends... and you can never have too many good friends, Hon.<br />
<br />