Not 40 Til Next Month But Who's Counting? Lol

I want to date, but geez, where do I start? Sometimes, I can barely think of what to say, because my mind has gone blank.  The really scary part is when someone wants to meet up right away.  It sets off warning bells, and makes me back up really fast.


My Marriage was not good, I was abused, and so I really need a man to just take it nice and slow....most have no patience.

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Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up in the air like you. The dating thing can get frustrating. But I sense that a part of you really does want to relate. I think though, that it's that small part in us that gets bigger and bigger and drives us past the initial frustrations and through the ensuing anxieties. Better than coming home to complete misery isn't it? I maintain a peaceful atmosphere in my home at all times. Ahhhh....

Thanks for all your support. I'm not giving up, though I still want to throw my hands in the air sometimes. But, I suppose some of that is impatience with myself.<br />
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Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me, thank you:)

took me7years to get back..with 3month breaks in asia..where i had a partner..but no relationship....<br />
Good news..i started.."webdating" with 46..and believe it or not..besides the scamer..i found a nice contact now over 6month..and will meet give YOURSELF..and be honest...with respect..and a bit humor..i guess i would have no probs to mix in society and look there again..but i take my time and also it will be an asian woman..she never asks for money..or since20ty years for 200 euronas /month/ 3days off/per month/daily 14-16hours...and the last girl in ireland i was talking gentle over 20min when out!.and found out..she lied already about her has to be build..and maybe u have a pic for set your limits....make them clear..and i believe..there is love out they say..where u last expect not give up...and do not be afraid to try new ways.....look at me.."old 47 fool"....web-dating..never..i would you all the luck mikka

You do want to get out there, otherwise you wouldn't have brought it up. Yes, it can be scary - just putting yourself out there. It gets easier the more you date. You don't have to commit yourself to anything. <br />
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Remember, just be yourself.