The 40's Are The New 20's?

Well.... here I am, one week into the dreaded 40's...
Got a bit blue thinking about old times and the things on my list I had not accomplished... Even gave a thought to cosmetic surgery. Like I could recapture time that passed if I look in the mirror and see my forehead wrinkles gone. I gave in for a second to this concept of the 40's being the new 20's which is thrown around everywhere. I wonder what is the "new 20's" then. The new preteen age, perhaps? (Supposing the scaling is nonlinear, of course)....  Looking at my students..... it can be preteen allright!
Coming back to the topic on hand... I had these wrinkles since my... old.... 20's; they are part of me... No, I do not think a flawless forehead will give me anything else I do not have already, except for a waxy look. I went for the cheaper solution of chomping my locks into some dubious bangs. By myself. In front of the mirror. Forehead covered, problem solved, now I feel like a mop really, but get compliments on my "youtful" new looks... Are the people ever sincere?:))) .... ehhh.... That is about all I changed in the last two weeks. Arghhhh, not all! I forgot about the bike. I get a bike this week. An orange one. 750cc... Hehe... A dream of mine since I was 20 years old. I figured it shouldn't make any difference. Then or now, I mean. A dream is a dream and it does not matter when one accomplishes it,  it matters only to accomplish it! And after all, I am in my 20's again, at least by what Oprah says.... All I have left to do is to master driving the monster. If I wouldn't, who cares! I still got my dream come true, and I can resale it anytime!:))).

Funny, I expected to feel different when turning 40, after all at least half of my life is gone. However, it is still me, me and me, again and again.... Same me as 10 years ago. Same demenor, same friends, same everything, etc.... Same. They say people change. Maybe I did changed, but not so much, not as much as I expected. I don't even know what I expected, anyway...

I wonder what other people go through when turning 40. According to my married friends, disecting their life while hitting the 40's unveiled lots of room for  "coulda, shoulda, woulda" ... So... no difference from us, the single people...

I should get that tape of Monty Python, "The meaning of life", again... Maybe it will shed some light into this meaning I am looking for. If not, at least I'll get some laugh out of it...

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4 Responses Jun 13, 2011

Big deal its just another year older.. 40 is the new 20 if you compare women now to 60 years ago. 40 year olds in 1954 looked how 60 year olds look now and 20 year olds back then looked 40 so yes its true.

mulţumesc, you too :))

:) I feel I have TOO MANY things to do:))) Well enjoy your freedom and be safe!

Yep, kind of, I'll be 42 pretty soon but feel like I still have many things to do, many people to meet. Plus, I am now separated and don't think of my future in terms of "coulda, shoulda, woulda", but "can, shall, will". Gosh, it feels so good to be free without guilt for desiring other women. And here in Vancouver Asians are sooooo hot!<br />
Forget about surgeries, those wrinkles are part of you, enjoy the rest of your young life like I'm planning to :)