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hi i,m 53 and just started dating agan i was marred for 23 years .and this aug. i,ve ben sept from my wife for a year now
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2011

I'm 54 and am finding someone my own age to date is getting ridiculous. The blatant ageism on these dating sites is ridiculous. Almost evry man is looking for someone 15-20 years younger than them. Some of them have been online for YEARS! They just refuse to get out of their fantasy world of dating someone much younger.

Enjoy life as it is in the moment, and look forward to life in the future. One thing i have learned my past relationships is to take the good things from them, remember them but dont dwell on them and surround yourself with friends, hobbies, pets etc and enjoy learning new experiences.<br />
Good luck , enjoy dating and have fun.