I Am 40 Plus , But I Feel Young Than That... Why? Read My History And Philosophy Of Life.

I'm 40 plus, but I feel young than that.. I am a mother of two young sons who are my life, wife a wonderful man, after 27 years of married we still in love, I love him more than ever is my best friend, is all.

We believe that in order to achieve the emotional stability, economic, and social, that we enjoy today, has played an important role our philosophy of life..

First, we try constantly follow the golden rule of the universe is very simple and powerful, that guarantees to live a life in harmony, for that it’s important to understand that everything has a place, time an action…

This does not mean that we will be exempt from problems, diseases, sorrows, joys ... that's all part of the process of life that makes us grow and understand, that we cannot go against nature process, we can dilate but not stop them .. The stages are required; we born, mature, grow old and die.

We think it is important to embrace that which really helps us get in and overcome all the stages of life in complete harmony.

Here I’ll share with you some of the simple rule that we try to practice daily.

Apply "ethic & reciprocity," is to give emphasis on minimizing the damage of the few and the many in order to maximize the happiness of all people.

Treat your fellow as you'd like to be treated…

Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire'"

Always be respectful kind to others…

Eat the best food, but moderately...

Drink as much purified water as possible during the day and before bedtime is one of the best way to help your body to store those nutrients and minerals you need to stay healthy and strong..

Walking 30 minutes a day,

Do not alter your mind with images or sounds which are far from beauty and tranquility verb

No cursing, no swearing, that's poison to our souls.

Sleeping in the best bed with the best mattress, body deserves the best...

Always wear the best you can, all occasions and moments are always special; the first impression is what remains....

Be honest with yourself; don’t do what others want you to do...
Don’t try to buy affection,

Gives without thinking receiving anything in return, everything you give from the heart with joy I guarantee you, life will return to you multiplied, that's a rule that never fails...

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Cheers to all

leo29 leo29
41-45, F
May 24, 2012