Almost to the End

50 is approaching faster than I thought it would.  It only seems like yesterday I turned 40.  I do not feel any different than 30 or 20. 

It is true once you get to a certain age you don't care about age anymore because time goes by so fast you don't have the time to really think about how old you are.

One day you are getting a break on your auto insurance because you turned 25 and then you are looking forward to getting the AARP card for more breaks and the discounts given at the movies and some resturants.

Grits4life Grits4life
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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I was FINE when I hit 40 , heard some people had trouble with it but I was too busy enjoying my life and having fun to CARE! lol<br />
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Now am still having FUN BUT approaching 50 has been harder for me than hitting 40 as am not ''sailing through'' but ''paddling through'' now ... But still want to ENJOY my life , always! :-) xx

I'm almost to the nifty fifty age<br />
<br />
my husband is this year

yes it is very different.

I hear ya grits... which, by the way, I love-love-love being the daughter of an Alabama Belle. I really do think 50 is quite different for us than it was for our parents, though!