I don't know how it happened........ The hours, days, months, years, and yes, decades flew by. It seemed I stayed the same while the whirl of past experiences and memories gathered into a larger and larger pile behind me. I am sure I really did change somehow, for example, if I look in the mirror I half scare myself now. The time passing is also evident when filling in age on some internet form. I hate that scroll bar that you have to use to get to your birth year. It makes it painfully obvious how many years I have somehow gone through. Why can't I just type in the year and not have that scroll hit me so hard with the fact? What's good about getting older? Generally you really have to pause and think that through to come up with a bright side ........I guess I make fewer mistakes, I do more of what I want and less what others want for me, I know what I want and usually I know how to achieve it, I am more accepting and less worried about holding to my beliefs when they are unpopular, I know myself and have no need to experiment with anything. Inside I don't feel any of the big changes that should come with more than a half century of life but on the outside.....well there is this very matured lady with the natural scars of life showing clearly on the body.
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But did your sex drive ever die.My hasn't.....

You know what? If you want to go to dinner and trade stories, it would be my pleasure and honor! 😉