I'm Over 50

I'm over 50; well, almost. Seems like about five lifetimes ago when I was a kid and growing up in what now seems like a very different time. Got my own kids now and they're better than I ever was. I'm so proud of them and my life seems to revolve around them. We do homework with cosine, secants, triangles, acetic acid, prisms, square roots, hydrogen, Archimedes principal, and derivatives. It's almost as if I'm actually living the old saying, "if only I had known then what I know now." But, there were lots of twists and turns along the way. Old stories were told about mules, rattlesnakes in church, carburetors, moonshine, Amazing Grace, apple cider, snipe hunting, baptisms, vacuum tubes. Then a change occured and life went from rural to city with a chance at formal education. Calculus, chemistry and physics would help me teach my kids, but the jobs were already leaving America. No matter; another turn, another study occured. Dealing with people and all their problems gave a look at what my country was really like. No differential equations existed in the new reality; only despair, dishonesty, manipulation, greed. People lose jobs, but nobody wants mine despite the pay. Still, no matter; learn and teach the kids and remember that old saying. More stories will be made to tell them. They are a new generation for a new America and hopefully a better one even if they tell stories about a baptism by fire. A population is a house divided; one group struggles to climb while the other kicks, screams, complains and finally begs. It didn't have to turn out this way, but free will exists. I hope I can teach and encourage them enough.
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Thanks for your post, Bunnieblue. Yes, times and society are changing very quickly and we all feel a bit left behind. However, if you live in a farming commmunity, you will do better than many. Growing some of your own food or living close to farms will be important as the price of food increases. Live close to the land and try not to get lost in all the new changes. Just remember to pass along some of your life's experiences to the younger generation.

You post is good. I am also over 50. I suddenly I realize I am not going to live forever. That sounds so cliche. At this point in my life I am questioning why I am where I am and what else I am left here to do or be or just even witness. It sounds like you are very educated although that now has to be clarified as to education in which era. We are dinosaurs who so recently were bright stars. It is happening much faster than even those just behind us and it is frightening. With less time left than we have already had how are we supposed to leap ahead where we have been so programmed to be? We cannot and this causes me to panic just a little. As you say we have gained but oh how we have lost. We've lost things that I didn't dream would leave us. The quality of our life can and has lessened. I live in a farming environment which is new to me. I love it but I see it leaving so fast that even I a newcomer am shocked. I cannot imagine how these generational farmers feel to see their own children rather sell off for cookie cutter communities than learn to produce sustaining products for many from the land. What can we do?