I'm Over 60, Too!

Actually, I just turned 63. I live in Western Oregon, I'm retired, and I live in a totally sexless marriage. She has no sexual desire what-so-ever. I enjoy the outdoors, but I don't hunt or fish! I love to photograph nature. I also love to read, listen to music, and do volunteer work. All of us EP members that are over 60 should join this group and share our experiences, stories, and wisdom.
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61-65, M
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Hi, I'm in the valley. my marriage is sexless now as well, however it is because my husband had prostate cancer 9 years ago and now the plumbing is broken. I'm just thankful to have him, and hugs and kisses make me feel close. Hope you can work out something that works for you.

I'm 61 and widowed for 2 years. I don't care a thing about sex. I've had plenty of it in my life and I don't care if it never happens again. I live very secluded life on limited income and my greatest hope is to be able to purchase my own headstone b4 I die as I have no family who will do that for me. I am not suicidal but I'm ready to go any ole time. I think I've had enough of it all. My biggest fear is being born again into this crazy messed up world and being a baby and having to grow up again.

You can dismiss that fear about being born again...we only have one life. That is true regardless of what we think or believe, or how we behave. Just one life.

How can you be so sure of this?

I live in a house in Thailand that I share with one of your fellow Oregonians and his beautiful Thai wife. The women over here prefer men over 60! The cost of living is just a fraction of what it is in Oregon. It ain't perfect, but I don't think I'll be coming back to America any time soon.

63 soon here and I might be forced to retire soon WTF!!

Not to far behind you friend. There are not many of our age here or in the BDSM communitys around the country. check out fetlife.com and see if you might find something to do in your own back yard or the community. Volunteer for them and you will meet the leaders who for your help will help you meet what your looking for.<br />
Good Luck.