Where'd The Years Go?

Just discovered this site 1/19/2013. Am 68 but look 58, still very young at heart, body and mind. Yeah, I retired at 62 but wish I hadn't because I wasn't ready for it....did it because spouse told me he wanted a divorce which led to my inability to concentrate and be productive at my job. We separated 2006, divorced 2010 (I got screwed financially because he had a good dirty lawyer and I just had a lawyer). Anyway, this all took it's toll, felt the world had come to an end, moved out of state to try to begin a new life at the ripe old age of 65. Now, three years later I'd love to have someone back in my life. I do seasonal work to keep from being lonely and am considering year-round as it's great being around people and feeling as though I'm still in there kickin' ***.

I agree it's a tougher world out there now, competing with those younger in everything.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 20, 2013