How Am I Still Walking?

I am a overcome through Christ:  Back in 1990 a series a strange events began to happen involving my health.  What I am about to tell you is very strange and what it eventually lead to.  I had reconstructive knee surgery on my left knee at Ft. Riley, Kanasas in 1990.  The surgery was a success and I had a supernatural recovery through God.  My rehabilitation time was 4 months. But as some people know, when you have surgery on one your legs, you tend to shift all your weight on one leg to support the one that is healing.  Because I did this, I notice a pain developed in my lower left back.  The pain was very terrible.  It would get so bad, I would feel the discs in my back slipping out.  As time went on, the pain move up to right rib cage.  It felt like something was broken all the time.  Next, the pain moved from the right rib cage to the left and exhibited the same annoyances.  Finally, the pain moved into my neck and upperback.  Once it go there, I had all kinds of hell with it.  I could only sleep thirty minutes at a time.  And, if I tried to relieve it, I would experience literal paralysis all over my body.  Of course,  I was in distress and in a depression over what was happening in my body.  Doctors could not give me an explanation and could not help.  Finally, I ask God to heal me after hearing other people say He would not.  The Lord spoke to me and said, "I will heal you".  Moreover, the Lord showed me why I had this condition.  He showed it was something I said in foolishness before Him, now I was reaping what I sowed.  Not only that, but the times I experienced paralysis, He showed me I did not pray those days.  And He let me know this is what will happen if you do not pray.  The Lord's solution for healing me was teaching me to get closer to Him.  As I learned to get into His Presence, the pain in my back began to go away more and more.  Some days, I can not tell if there is a affliction there.  Ultimately, The Lord showed me, the wife He would send me would have the anointing to heal me completely.  And that's going to happen soon.  But my point is this, I should not be walking.  I am enjoying my health this day because of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
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First of all, why were other people telling you that God would not heal you, or anybody ? And who are these people to say what God will do or not ? Interesting because I was reading your story and thinking about something I read in another book years ago - the law of cause - effect. I do not like when people see God as punishing and avengeful, but I understand that we have free will and the Universe is governed by the laws of cause - effect. I also find fascinating, because I believe that we actually cause a lot of harm to our own selves. So if physical disease and physical pain are a consequence /manifestation of our soul's pain, I am not surprised that you felt increasingly worse and worse over time. Like I said to you, I have caused so much harm towards my own self, so much harm Patrick. In February 2011, my right breast started to swell a little and become very unconfortable and painful when touched. I went to the GP fearing the worse (breast cancer). The GP said that I had 2 benign cysts, no need to operate or medicate. But she asked me to keep a close look and check every now and again just in case. Benign cysts usually never give serious trouble, if supervised closely. Would I dare to blame God ? No, He does not deserve it, because the Truth is, I was inflicting deliberately so much pain to my own heart and soul, instead of trusting my heart's voice! I am viciously self destructive at times. In 2004 I slipped in a very odd way and landed on my knee in a very awkward and severely painful way. I was brought to hospital, thedoctors could not find any broken bone, but still, my leg was put in a cast for 6 weeks. Mind you I was very feisty, very verbally agressive and hated people with a passion! I was deeply miserable inside my heart and soul. I felt depressed and lost. I was working as a waitress at the time. I hated the job, I despised my boss, and I could not stand the costumers! Perhaps this was God's way to tell me to slow down, be humble and kind. God did not punish me, I punished myself. So I spent 2 weeks with a cast on my leg. I felt very sad and lost. I refused to have any of my friends to come over and see me with that white plaster cast on my leg, it was way too humiliating (I can be painfully arrogant and proud at times). Two weeks passed since the day of my work accident and I got a hunch to go see an osteopath and get my plaster cast off. I was refered to the most gentle and loving man in the health profession business I have ever met. He took my cast off, refered me to his staff for a little bit of physiotherapy and voila! I was walking again.

It is now nearly 10 years since that event took place. Now I look at it with different eyes. Now I feel humbled and thank God for He was always part of my Life, even when denied Him. Now I feel grateful to God, because I recognise that it was a good thing I had that "accident". Perhaps He wanted to bandage my heart and soul. Isn't it beautiful that when we stand in front of God, He sees right through us, He knows our heart, our soul, no matter how many masks we wear or how much we try to hide. And why hide from God, when He is the One that will always love me unconditionally, when He is the One and only Who will heal me.

To Wonderkid: Prayer is not meant to help you feel better, its purpose is to bring you closer to God and his purpose. We live in a world of instant gratification. If we don't "feel" better then prayer must not be working. God does not work this way. He does not follow us on our whims, He is a constant. He has the ability to comfort, but that does not mean that we snap our fingers and he does what we want. Show him a sincere heart and a faithful constant prayer and you will see his hand at work in your life. He WANTS to help you. He gave his only begotten son so that you would not perish, but have everlasting life, that's how great his love is for you. I challenge you to pray faithfully, read the Word, and seek him with all your heart and then tell me he does not help you. God Bless!

I honestly am really pleased that the Lord healed you. In my youth and as a young person, I really believed in Jesus Christ and God. Now I am older I have been through quite a bit of personal pain, no more important than anyone else's, but when I have prayed for help I have not had any answers or felt better about the situation or found clarity. So I am not sure I have faith any more although I still try to live by Jesus's values.