I Went To My First Oa Meeting

I know that I overeat. At my heaviest I was 272 lbs. I've backed down a bit since then but not by much. I definitely overeat for the level of activity in my life, but I also have compulsive thoughts about food. I can obsess over certain foods that I love, like ice cream or cookies. I tend to hoard food or hide it, consume an entire container at once and then hide the fact that I've done that.

OA is Overeaters Anonymous and I've never been to any 12 step program before. But I was feeling brave and wondered if they could help. The people were very welcoming. I got hugs from all of them and everyone shared their stories. It was like therapy. I got some brochures and was encouraged to come back. I haven't yet, but I think I will. I would definitely recommend it if you are considering going. They don't recommend a specific diet but more of a plan for your day. How will you avoid your trigger foods? Plan out meals so you don't feel the need to go binge.

As I learn more I'll share with you.
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I'd love to weigh as much as you do! :)