So this is a vent.

My tone is one of utter annoyance.

But...I am so sick of Greedy *****.!!!!!

So my rent has gone up $10. I'm already paying $270 a week for a 28 year old house. It is a nice house it has water views and floor boards throughout and a modern kitchen and bathroom. But it also has the worst driveway on the street I cannot use it I park half on the street half on kurb. And the floorboards have gaps in them you can see the ground below, making it a cold house.

When the real estate did my last inspection...and they go over it with a fine tooth comb, taking note of every speck of dust and cobweb.....they put a note on the bottom of the report to the owner to "recommend' a $10 increase.

I called them and whinged. The lady I spoke to was a *****, I do not like her.She said the rent may not go up. And I said bullshit.

Now I got a letter in the is going up $10.

Why the **** are people so greedy....??........

I am on welfare paying over 50% of my money to rent. My son's father died in 2011 and do not receive any child support. I have no job and no money.

Just makes me so angry...all my friends pay so much rent $330-$350-one pays $600 a week, cause she lives about 20 minutes drive to Sydney. 

The last place I rented I lived in for 6 years and the rent went up twice....once 4 years after I lived there and once six months before I left. Now in this house I haven't even been here a year yet, and UP it goes.

The World is full of greedy ******* ***** and I am so over it.

I have lived out of home for 20 years, been a single parent for*nearly* 15 years. When do I catch a ******* break.
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1 Response Jul 22, 2013

I dont get our little world right now.... so many troubles in our universe...
people out of work.. homelessness... hunger... people trying to get by and just do their thing.
I hope everything turns around for you!
You certainly deserve all the best this world has to offer!
you deserve a nice home for you and your son and you deserve a decent and fair rent.
I hope a job comes your way soon!!!!

Much love and many hugs!!!!
Hang in there!!!!!!!
I have all faith in YOU!!

Thankyou lifesCraziness:D....wish the world was FULL of duplicates of YOU cause you are the best!!!!!! oxoxox