My Darling Boy

How did I get here?

Yes it's a wierd dynamic. I loved you madly for years (a part of me always will). I hated you for a while (you know what you did). But through everything I could always rely on you.

So how now, can I be in the same room as you without yearning to touch you. Why don't I compulsively preen when you're in the vicinity. Why can we have a conversation? A normal one with anormal end instead of me desperately trying to make the moment last longer?

I dont know. But I'm glad. I missed being just relaxed with you, because through everything you've always been there for me... Even when I didnt know it... R and L amongst others spilled the beans.

My darling boy... you reminded me of my own strength the other day the way only you can. So chat to you later (and I wont be blushing)

annathom annathom
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

it is. wishing you lotsa happiness dear singasong

Love and friendship is the most wonderful thing. But it is also confusing at times. I hope you will always have love.