Most of My Past

I had a very hard life... difficult and horrible. BUT, for most of the disturbing events in my life, I am over it now. Horrible exs, horrible childhood, painful past mistakes... I've worked through it all and found my peace with it. Some of the things will stay with me, for the rest of my life, like my rape. But, the huge emotional pain and phobias of it all, it no longer effects me. :-)

I do not agree with people who yell, "Just get over it!" After my rape, I was told that too many times and that was like a slap in my face. Some things in life, you just can't "get over it", not so fast and overnight! I had to work through it and fight may way out of it, in my own time and at my own pace. And not only was I just raped, the monster tortured me too... so, it was bigger than life to me. Now, those scars have healed. They still hurt sometimes, on certain days, but the pain is much dulled and manageable.

And with my depression gone, it's easier for me to deal with all bad things in my life. I can move on, much quicker now. :-)

For most of my past... I am SO over it! And I'm moving forward, with excitement as to what will happen next. :-D

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2009

thanks shadow! :)

You have much in yourself to be proud of, shadow... <br />
~)~ <br />
It's true, we cannot change what has happened to us in our past, we can only heal the hurt that comes to us from our past. And celebrate our survival, and respect our tenacity to live above and beyond the cruel suffered at the hands of another! Bravo! shadow, Bravo!

wish i could do that too! :)

that's good, shadow. glad to know that everything's going well with you now. press on! :D