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Is Surgery the Way?

I have gone back and forth with diets and excerise programs for the last few years, but i can't seem to shake this weight.  i am now about 115 pounds overweight and i am scared as hell.  I used to be strong and fit, but marriage, a job, and 2 kids have turned me into a blob.  i am considering bariatric surgery.  I have already completed the mandatory 6 month diet program and lost a whopping 15 pounds.  I have decided to make one more attempt at weight loss on my own but I am not doing so well.  I have joined a gym and have been taking cycling classes, but the results are not as good as i'd hoped.  I have seen friends succeed and fail at the weight game, and I guess I am just looking for some advise and a different perspective.

carmomma carmomma 31-35, F 3 Responses Jun 27, 2009

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Hi I'd like to help u lose weight?

You can lose if you are serious , I have a new sight because the pills I found helped me if you are serious contact me , Im willing to send samples before you spend your money

Try to not eat I did it once and lost 3.5 pounds.