Wife Has Fun

The wife was very sexually active before we met. When she would tell me some of her stories it got me horny as hell. I decided to see if she would go for a ********* if the timing was right.We have a friend that we see at are local tavern now and then and the wife really injoys his fliriting with her. We had been drinking for a while and the fliriting started.When Mike left to go to the head I asked the wife if she wanted to take him home with us,she kind of jokingly said yes. After a couple more hours of drinking and having a good time we decided we should go but wanted to continue with the party.I asked Mike to my wife's surprise if he wanted to follow us and have a few more.He jumped at the chance.When we got to the house I set in the one chair and the wife and Mike were in the love seat.They kind of snuggled and kissed each other.I saw Barb move her hand around andl litely kind of rub the edge of his **** and he stroked the side of her ***.I dont think they really new what I had in mind or would let happen but they were still fliriting and enjoying playing. I got up to get some more beer and take a leak,when I got back they were in a tounge swapping kiss and Mikes hand was stroking Barbs **** threw her low cut top and she had his **** stroking it through his pants.They looked up at me as if they were in trouble and broke their hold. I told Barb to show us her **** that she had been teasing us with. She looked at Mike who was wide eyed and visably excited and then back at me I smiled and gave her the ok and she turned and had Mike un zip and take her top off. When the top was off He went straight for her **** .He was covering them with his mouth and hands she was moaning and was working his **** hard through his jeans.He looked up and asked what was happining next. I told him we should go to the bedroom and have some fun. Barb took him by the hand and all most ran to the bedroom. Barb undressed what was left of her clothes then took Mikes pants down.She took his **** in her mouth before they hit the ground.She sucked him and lead him to the bed and kept sucking him to a climax.She told Mike she had wanted to do that for a long time.Mike was saying he was in heaven.Barb laid down on the bed and I went staight for her ***** with my mouth.I looked up and saw she had mikes **** in her mouth working him back up.When she got him hard again she said I have to have Mike now.I watched Mike put the head of his **** in and worked it slowly in, it drove Barb wild and couldnt keep from wrappin her legs around him and try to pull him all the way into her. She was moaning as he picked up his pace and was driving all the way in .I played with her **** while mike ****** her slow long strokes at first then hard and fast as they both got close and both were moaning in pleasureI could'nt stand it ,I shoved my **** in her mouth and let her suck away.It was one of the most sexually exciting moments I can remember.When I saw that they were both ******* I could'nt hold back an I dumped my load. We all laid exausted for awile and started up again after a short break Barb kept a **** in both hands stroking us back to life . we roamed her body with are hands and lips untill we were all ready.  This went on all night swapping positions.I had my first double pentatration Barb got on top fo Mike and I slid in from behind into Barbs tight *** , that didnt take long for all of us to ***.Barb moved as  if she coudnt get enough or *** fast enough.I liked seeing Mike enjoy her body like I do. Don't know if it will happen again soon but at the tav the other day Mike said he really wanted to **** Barb again and wanted to try and get together again she wasnt sure but I could see the look in her eye as he started hinting and I know I would enjoy.Its very erotic to me to see my wife enjoy another man.He said he thinks it saved his marriage because his wife doesnt like sex and it had been a long time.He said are little get together took his stress level down. Glad to help. I would like to play in the tavern with her its, dark and I think it would be fun for mike and I to play with her in the tav. That is my next goal it may not happen but then I didnt expect the last time to happen I know that Barb and I really go at hot and heavy when we talk about the experience.
trftroll3 trftroll3
51-55, M
Apr 21, 2007