I Have Gotten Crazy Lately

This last few months have been insane! I had this huge argument with my husband and after finding out he cheated on me I moved out to a friends house to think things thru. I had no intention of hooking up with any guys, hell I didn't even want to talk to men! I like to run in the morning so I took off from their house and about a mile in I was passed by this guy in tight running shorts. He had such a fantastic *** I picked up the pace just to watch.
Another mile or so and I was beginning to fade, his pace was really too fast for me. About then he ran up to his car and stopped. He turned around and for the first time I saw his face, wow! His chest was all sweaty and his shirt clung to his chest outlining his muscular body. He saw me looking and smiled, the kind of smile that makes a woman do bad things.
I stopped close to him and noticed his eyes glancing up and down my body. Luckily I had shaved that morning! He began to talk to me and soon we where sitting on a park bench and laughing. He said he always stopped for coffee at this little shop after a run and asked if I wanted to go? I could think of nothing else I would rather do than spend time staring at him over coffee and trying to decide if he was going to get lucky.
We got in his car and drove, the air was just chilly enough over my damp shirt that I could feel my nipples getting hard. I so wanted him to see that! I turned in the seat towards him and waited until he looked at me. He glanced down at my chest and I could see he liked them! I have nipples that really stick out when cold or excited, right now they where both. I like to show them when I want attention and I so wanted his.
We had coffee and talked and when we got back in his car he leaned over and kissed me! It felt so good, not only because I was kissing this really hot guy but also I was getting back at my husband. Soon I was so excited I almost jumped him right in the parking lot! A short drive and we where at his house, it didn't take long before we where in bed, naked and me riding him like I hadn't been laid in years! Really, I hadn't been laid that good in years! My husband is, well, lame in bed. He comes quick and doesn't have the equipment to really get a girl off.
We ****** for hours, I came so many times I lost count. My legs where trashed from the running and the pounding he gave me. Before I knew it I was asleep curled in his big strong arms, my face against his chest. I woke up and reached down, he of course was erect and I woke him with my lips wrapped around his manhood. I could barely get my mouth around it but I was determined to finish what I started. My jaw was about worn out when he finished, sending his salty-sweet *** as a reward for my hard work.
He drove me home, I showered and was about to take a nap when the doorbell rang. Here was my husband, all sorry looking standing there. I so wanted to tell him I just got the best **** of my life but I didn't. I was standing there just in my robe, wet hair and no makeup. Not the way I wanted him to see me. I wanted to be all dressed up and hot so he would understand what he lost.
He was so pathetic, I looked him up and down. The out of shape, not all that good looking guy I was married to. I told him to leave, he almost cried when he asked me to come home. I just shook my head and shut the door.
I fixed myself up and went out to meet a girlfriend at a bar. Again I wasn't looking for men but, this place was like a candy store for horny women! It didn't take long before guys where hitting on us. Several drinks later and we both had guys all over us. I was sore from the **** I had that morning but enough booze would certainly block the pain?
Somehow we wound up at their place, a couple of roommates. I followed him into his room and they went into another right next to ours. I could hear the bed banging on the wall as he was giving it to her and that turned me on so much! Soon our headboard was keeping time with theirs and I decided to one up her, I began to make sounds, you know the sounds of a woman really getting off? I hope you do!
Anyway we ****** for hours and dozed off. She woke me around two AM and said she had to get home! I had almost forgot she was married! The boys let us out and we drove home, laughing and comparing the guys. I guess her's was really hung! Mine was so-so but knew how to use it! I kissed her goodnight, a bit more than just a friendly kiss. Made me wonder if she was up to it? Have to find out later.
The next morning I took off for my run, hung over and sore but after a mile or so I was feeling better. I kind of hoped not to see my running stud. I just wanted to clear my head and recover. Just as I was entering the park I noticed a young couple sneaking behind some bushes. I thought that was funny but then another couple went to the same place?
I had to look, just had to. I peeked around and there they where. The boys where standing and the girls where on their knees sucking their *****! And, they girls where not sucking the ***** of the guys they came with! WOW, I just watched until the guy's noticed me. He waved me over but I just stood there. One of the girls got up, came to me and took my hand. She pulled a bit and smiled. Then she pulled me to her and kissed me. I could taste **** in her mouth as her hands pulled at my shorts.
I followed her to him, dropped on my knees and started sucking one side of his **** while she worked the other side and his balls. He emptied his *** in my mouth and as quickly as it all started they ended it. We all just walked away without saying a word except she whispered every Tuesday at the same time!
Well, that is how things have been going. I had been laid by 20 or more guys in the last month. My husband keeps calling me and begging me to come home. I finally told him about SOME of the guys. I could hear him sob a bit on the phone as I admitted I liked being free and able to do whomever, whenever I wanted. Serves him right but even after admitting to affairs this ***** wants me back?
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