Little Insignificant Me

I'm the girl that gets ready to sit with a group of friends at lunch only to realize there's no room for me. No one saved me a spot. And no one would share a seat with me. The thing is that I would have saved them a seat or let them sit in my seat with me. I've always got other people's backs, but I'm always overlooked. Today my church was supposed to go to another church and I'm really cool with a girl who is driving there. I ask if I can ride and then our youth pastor says that he's legally responsible yada yada yada. So I get kicked out of the car. By that point I'm po'ed and then the girl I was supposed to be riding with comes and gets two people and tells then they can ride with her. I was so upset. Me and this girl have been close for a long time. She was the kind of person you could call late at night crying and they could calm you down. It hurt so bad to have been treated like that by her. I really contemplated going back to the old me. The one who spoke to no one unless they spoke to me first. And the girl that cut herself. Let's just say today was no a good day.
PoetGirl97 PoetGirl97
18-21, F
Sep 16, 2012