Hi my name is Tonya and i am 39 years old and married with four children. I have been a nurse for 12 years and love my job. I am a stay at home mom now since i became disabled 2 years ago because of my weight. My husband works Monday-Saturday and when he is home he either goes outside and plays with the dogs or doing something in the yard .....when he goes outside he gets on the phone and calls his best friend and sits outside and talks. I go to the YMCA now and do water aerobics everyday monday-friday and i have made somereally great friends that i talk with on a daily basis. I never go out with friends or go out period because i feel i am neglecting my children if i leave them.I love my husband but i am afraid the feeling is not the same. He says he is in love with me and he dont want another woman but i feel like that is the case. When he gets on facebook he looks at alot of females on there and he gets on youtube and watches other females shake their butt but he says he just does it that all men do it. and he says it does not mean anything. I love to cuddle with him but i never get that anymore.he never takes me out. im just at my ends...
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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

I understand your issue but you have to get real. When a wife or husband gains weight and becomes obese they become unattractive. This doesn't mean your mate will live you any less he just won't be attracted. This will mean he will look at other women he will want to go out less and he will not want to have sex as much. you know this and it's just reality. It doesn't mean he's going to cheat but you will not be happy anymore. So you have two choices. Stay depressed and miserable every minute of every day or lose weight. Losing weight is not that hard. I did it. The hard part is starting. But one you do it for 2 weeks you start to look forward to it because you see resuts. All you have to do us exercise 30 minutes everyday and eat hardly no carbs. When working out do weights do not do cardio. Use the machines to do Arm chest back an leg weight exercises. Because muscle burns fat quicker than running and running will unmotivate you. When eating hardly no carbs. Eat bacon neat steak peppers tomatoes You have to pay attention to what you eat. Cheese is ok if you have to buy pizza take the cheese off and dont eat the bread part. Also in the morning drink a protein shake. Don't eat food till lunch. You should try to eat 4 to 6 times a day. Don't pig out but you don't have to starve. Do all this and you should lose 10 to 15 pounds a month. Remember do not do cardio because even though it is good it will unmotivate you and make you quit. You can start adding cardio after 3 months. Do not give in and stay fat. You will be looked down on like a fat lazy welfare ciggatete smoking person with a low iq who shops at Walmart. Walmart is ok but you guys know what I mean. Goto luck.

Also disabled people can lift weights just start out small.

I think your husband is right, all men do look at other women. You are on the right path already! Keep up the good work. Once you are happy with yourself you will be happier in your marriage.

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