Fat Comments

 I hate fat comments. I hate fat jokes and everything that goes with that. I don't care that it wasn't aimed at me, I don't care that it's just a joke or an 'observation.' I hate it.

It makes me uncomfortable when people say things about fat people in front of me, such as complaining that they take up two seats on the bus and on airplanes. I don't take two seats, but I still find it horrifically embarrassing when people say things like this in my company.

Isn't there anyone out there who is compassionate enough to see that as an overweight person, saying derogatory things about overweight people in my company is no better than pulling my hair and screaming 'You're a big fatty!" to my face?

Being overweight is unhealthy, I get that. I get that they think I'm a lazy ***** for not being skinnier than Kate Moss. I understand. 

But what is the point of making someone feel completely uncomfortable? 

It's catch 22. As someone with low self esteem, I am pretty blunt. However, when talking about weight, it makes me think that if i stand up and argue it will draw more attention to my weight and cause more gossip than in the first place, so I say nothing. 

Except today. Today, I confess my anger on EP and say:





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4 Responses Jul 10, 2009

I agree with you Jucelala. Surely we have evolved as a culture to the point where making comments on others' appearance is beneath us? It's the same as racism, sexism, ageism... or any other kind of vilification.<br />
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IcarusFalling is just plain wrong. He is living in the ethical Dark Ages (and showing the worst of US arrogance) if he thinks "Freedom of Speech" means it's OK to make other people feel bad.<br />
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Try to think, every time you hear a "weightist" comment, that it says more about the speaker's character -their lack of tact, sensitivity and humanity- than it does about you or other overweight people.

I hear you, loud and clear, there is no purpose for or meaning, other than heartlessness, behind the derogatary terms and insults towards overweight people or anyone else for that matter.

'Being morbidly obese is outside of societal norms'? Have you been living under a rock? Americans are the biggest fatties out there. <br />
You obviously didn't read what I wrote thoroughly and are looking for a fight. This group is titled, I am overweight and hate it, not I am morbidly obese and want people to stop picking on me. You automatically assume I am 400kgs or something, when overweight can be 5kg over your healthy weight. I get that being overweight is unhealthy, and maybe I am trying to do something about it. Don't jump to conclusions based on one story that is primarily about feeling uncomfortable in a situation where people are targeting a specific group for crude humor and not even thinking about the people around them. At the core, it's not even about weight. It's about emotion, and people being heartless.<br />
I strongly recommend reading this story again, properly. Everything you have said in your comment has already been explained in the story itself. Take a good look at it again, and look past the words to the meaning, feeling and intent.

This is bullshit. Being fat is a lifestyle choice, much like being a republican or christian or a smoker. If you choose to be morbidedly obese, and therefore outside of societal norms, you should prepare for comments, just as if you walked around with a pink and green mowhawk. If you don't like it, then get up off your *** and do something about it. But, at least in America, we have freedom of speech.