Thirty Pounds Seems Like So Much Yet So Little

Let me start out by saying I'm 5'10 and about 185lbs. A year ago next Wednesday I was 245lbs. I moved to another state to live with my grandparents after my grandfather had surgery. I got a job up there working in a bakery. Guess what, they made fudge. It was my job to pour the delicious combination's of peanut butter and chocolate or walnuts and marshmallows. I would purposely pour the fudge into too-large pans so the edges were uneven. All the pieces we sold had to be perfect squares, and we were allowed to eat what couldn't be sold. We also had doughnuts. And fruit pies. Since I worked in the bakery I was able to take a dozen doughnuts home for a dollar, which I did, every night. I would sit down and eat the entire freakin' box while I downed a two-liter of mr. pibb. I used to be bulimic, when i was a young teen. Being underweight caused a heart attack, being overweight will cause one too. I vowed to myself that I would never let myself go like that again. I bought a stationary bike from a thrift store for $60 and started riding every day. My diet has changed drastically, no longer do I pig out on sweets, I only drink one diet soda a day, the rest is water or fruit juice. I've become a strict vegetarian which has helped a lot since most fast food chains will fry their french fries in beef flavoured oil. (Mcdonalds for example) I do still have a little problem with carbs since they are cheap and it's difficult to afford the healthy foods when you work for minimum wage 13hrs a week.
I'm up to 20 miles a day on my bike at the highest resistance.
I want to lose thirty more pounds, but everyone is telling me that is too thin. Is 155lbs too thin for someone 5'10?
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I don't know your weight in kilos - but you could get a rough idea on one of those weight graphs. I weight 88 kilos or theraboutd and I'm about 9 kilos over. 70kg is what 155 1/bs is. I've been 65 kilos and I am 5 ft 7 inches high. I could have gone to 67 or 68 to be just right. 70kg might be a bit slim - you can only try it out. I applaud you on your ability to lose weight.. Hope I can soon.