You Live, You Learn

I am an overweight, 27 year old woman.  I can't say that I am HAPPY with my body, but I have learned over the years that I cannot walk around every day being upset about the fact that I am fat.  I live my life the best way I can.  I have been overweight my entire life so I'm used to anything anyone can dish out.  Believe it or not, there are still grown adults out there that make fun of people for being fat.  Honestly, I feel bad for them.  It's kind of like, yeah, I know I'm fat, so what?  It's something I can't change in a day, believe me, I've tried!  So in the meanwhile, I have to live my life.  I can't sit in a hole and shame myself because I'm fat.  I urge every overweight person I know to do the same.  Yes, work on trying to lose the weight, but keep living your life.

ChristinaS9476 ChristinaS9476
26-30, F
May 18, 2010