Crikey Im Sick Of The Negativity But Also The Naggativity From Parents

Hello everybody

My story begun about 4 years ago when i became redundant and became very much a social recluse I never have shone in the light of a social situation and rather spend time alone. But due to my in active  lifestyle the pounds have piled on and now i weigh about 15 stone and to be honest im feeling quite sick to the stomach with it as  I really dont know why i have piled on so much weightfrown. My parents constantly nag and have said there fed up with the way my life is and me being so big. I was home only recently and was nagged so much by my mother and I just wish i could improve the situation. my parents dont really understand my anxiety nor my other issues in life they seem to think im just bone idle and lazy  which isnt true. I used to be a very healthy 9 and half stone and wish i could go back to those days im very distressed at the apperance of myself and my clothes.

I  feel that one day soon a medical emergency may happen as im begining to swell like a balloon and i feel so very afraid of whats happening to me. I dont personally want to be this way as i know its not good for ones health with all the talk of diabeties and cancer and heart diease these days im very scared of this happening to me.

I really dont know what to do anymore and feel that no one really in my family can help me as all it ends  up in is rows and arguements, which i find hurts so very much.

any help or advice would be benifical or just a simple diet that i could follow would be benificial to my needs at the moment and some friendship as i feel so very alone on this battle with the buldge at the moment.
sweetcaringgemuk sweetcaringgemuk
Aug 12, 2010