Comfort Food Hasn't Helped Much

I have been for a long , long time now . I love junk food , sodas and all the stuff I shouldn't .
When i was younger and more active , I kept my weight under control easy enough , I always had a belly , but not too big of one . Now , I have to be real careful not to gain any more weight for lots o' reasons : my feet and knees hurt , I have high blood pressure , I'm twice the size of my girlfriend , and I'm afraid of diabetes now . I've stopped the weight gain and am holding steady , but I can't stay this big and expect to be as healthy as I am . My goal is to lose 60 pounds by the end of the year , and even then , I'll still have a belly .
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I'm a mum of 4 kids and I'm in my early 30s. I know my husband is t so attracted to me now I've gained so much weight. For me its like an addiction it's all I think about and I hate myself for it. I'm 5f4 and 16stone. I wish I cud find some help somewhere. I just feel like starving myself now which I know won't either help or work. My doctor just suggested slimming world which I did try a few times and it does work but I can't keep at it . Feel so down and worthless and that I can never be who I truly am cus the weight holds me bk so much :( <br />
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its a simple action that will help you solve your problem<br />
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1. eat items that are LOW on SALT/SWEET.<br />
2. read the labels on your junk food go to line where is says SODIUM it should read 5% and below.<br />
3.drink plenty of natural water and start by drinking one before you brush your teeth.<br />
4. clean the toxic acid in your system and you feel great

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