Fat Body = Missabile Life :(

As a child. At age 8 to 9. I had a skinny body . Once I got older I started to get depressed so doctors put me on anti depresont . It helped but. Food started to help as well. Food is comfort to me. I look at every skinny girl and there. Perfect life . I feel I don't fit in because I'm fat . At age 14. I snuck food from the the snack cabinet and hid it under my shirt . And walked away quietly so no one would find out. I would do this all night. I'm addicted to food. I'm currently 2.17 1/2. And I want to lose weight so bad. But. It's so hard. My dad has diabetes And I don't want to be sick. As much as I want to look good in cloths. I really think the main thing is I just want to be healthy
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drink plenty of nature water and one glass before you brush your teeth. Its the bad toxic acids that cause you to be a bad eater.<br />
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reduced SALT/SWEET...read the label on the snacks and go down the list to see the word SODIUM...it should be 5% or less.<br />
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sent me a mail if it helps.

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I can totally relate to you! After a family tragedy years ago I ate for comfort and it almost cost me dream of wrestling in college. I ended up losing the weight and now I am wrestling in college like I have always dreamed and studying exercise science and nutrition. If you would like I could help you out with any problems you are having! Please feel free to message me! I have made it a goal of mine to help as many people make a life change like I did. <br />
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Good luck!!<br />

I'm really sorry to hear about your famaliy member. I lost. My uncle to cancer . And it is hard. Your dream to wrestle . Well two thumbs up for ya. You did it. I'm happy for you. Let. Me know if this is what u meen by messaging you or if there's soymthing else I have to do to message you?

No this is perfect! I lost my grandmother to cancer and she was my whole world. She was basically like my mom growing up and the lose was very hard. One thing she told me always growing up was that everything happened for a reason it isn't for us to ask why just to believe that God has a plan for us all. I believe that her death and my weight gain happened so I could meet the woman who helped me lose my weight and I could pass on the knowledge to others that need help.