Will It Ever Get Better?

I'm 13 years old, and I've always been chubby like my mother. About 2 years ago I moved and gained a lot of weight. And for a while I've realized I need to lose weight so me and my mom joined a gym and started eating a lot healthier, and she's losing weight but I feel like I'm not. The school year is almost over and I want to come back next year and feel and look a lot better and healthier than I do now.
It seems like my intire life I've been this way. I was always the fat girl, the one everyone talked about. And I don't let myself feel bad because what good will that do, everytime i like a boy i just tell myself to forget about it and bottle it up. Because I know that he would never like me. I never open up to anyone because I'm afraid they wont understand or I will just get hurt. I have friends but I could never talk to them about this because they just wouldn't understand. And now I'm trying to change how I look but I just feel so upset because I feel like im working so hard but nothings changing. I know ill never be skinny like everyone else but I just don't want to feel so insecure everytime someone looks at me. I don't know if ill ever feel better about myself or if ill ever lose any weight, I just want tohave a remotely normal teenage life, like everyone else.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Don't put yourself down and out!! I was in your spot until I just didn't give a darn. I talked with friends and they understood. You just have to take a chance. I'm 13 and was scared to ask my crush for so long until I just dropped it all and risked it all and to my luck she had a crush on me. Life is a about taking chances to make it better so take a chance and live secure even when others say things because they arent and never will be as wonderful as you.