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Why I joined Body by Vi.
by Jamie Fonbuena on Friday, June 1, 2012 at 12:26pm ·

So I am Jamie. I am going to attempt to make this short. We had moved to Maine, and it was so beautiful there. Northern Maine to be exact. I thought a new start, getting back into shape ect. Well it did not work out that way. Right before we moved to Maine I was diagnosed with severe Vertigo. They said it should go away in time. Well it did not. 3 1/2 years later in Maine, I was at my breaking point. I couldn't drive hardly, could not volunteer at the school. I went to my doctors again and said something, anything, I need help. Well I guess that caught her attention enough to send me to a physical Therapist. The first day there, it went away. 4 years of this misery and in less than a hour gone. She told me that she wanted to continue to see me because I had some swelling in the back part of my head where all my muscles are, OK. So went back 3 times that week. Every time she would massage it out but it would come right back. I would also get really sick. She told me that she was going to talk to my doctor because something was not right. So, I went to my doctor and she said nothing is wrong, besides losing some weight, your healthy. Since my Vertigo was gone I was excited to work out. Start losing all this weight that I have put on because I just could not do anything. Well, that did not work again. Now I was having horrible neck, and back pain. She told me that I had such a bad case of Vertigo that it could take up to a year for my body and brain to adjust. Let me tell you a year passed and I still felt like something was wrong. She said that nothing was wrong and I needed to quit coming in. Luckily we got the chance to move back. So to be closer to family was really important, so we did.

We moved to So Cal, beautiful by the way. Shortly after moving here, I felt sick again. I had a headache, then I started losing my vision. Went to the Urgent Care because we did not have a doctor yet. They said I was having a migraine and to go be in the dark and I should feel better soon. I didn't. So I went to the ER this time. Boy did my life change there. After a few short tests the doctor said that he thought he knew, but wanted to contact a Neurologist to get a second opinion. I did not care by that time. I could not see and was in so much pain. He came back in and sat down and said I don't want to scare you but we believe you have a tumor in your spine. There is no cure or surgery but we can treat it with some medicines that may or may not help. I just had to cry at that point. We need to do some more tests and some not so pleasant tests. Ok, what? We need blood work, CT scan, MRI, and a spinal tap. We need to do these things very quickly because we need to try to get your vision back before there is too much damage. So I did all my tests and went to another hospital where I had my spinal tap. The pain, the emotion, and the selfish Why's were so overwhelming that I can not even explain what that felt like. I just wanted to feel normal. I eventually did all my tests and got the results.

Mri, normal. CT, normal. Eyes, some permanent damage. Blood work, good. Spinal tap, fluid was off the charts but came back benign. OK, so what now? Well, you have a small mass on your lower spine. We need to get you started on treating that, medicine will make you tired and sick feeling. That was an understatement by the way. So I took my meds for over a month and was at doctor app. after doc app. We need to get some wort of work out set up for you so you can lose weight and help take some of that pressure off your spine. Ok, but the pain that I went through was too much. I could not do it. I gave up. This is my life and that's it. My husband, my kids, are going to have to deal with me and this crap forever. I really just gave up.

Someone who is family was promoting this shake stuff as I called it. I wanted nothing to do with it by the way. I avoided her messages and thought will she give up already. I said no. I am grateful she didn't, because my life has forever changed. I caved and said what do I got to lose? Weight? So began my 90 day challenge. Right away my energy was going up. I starting making it through a whole day without having to take a nap, yes a nap. My first day I lost 2lbs. For anyone over weight, I was so excited for those 2lbs. 3 weeks later, all my pains in my head were gone. I went for a walk with my husband and kids and thought, maybe this can work. First month was over and I lost 36lbs. No pains and weight down, WooHoo. For my 2nd and 3rd month I slacked off and kinda wasted that time. I never gained weight but I only lost that 36lbs. I had to have an intervention with myself. What are you doing? You found something that worked and your not even trying. So then began a new start my 2nd 90 day Challenge.

I have buckled down and happy to say that I work out all the time, I love it. My goal is to run again. I would love to run. To date I have lost 62lbs and many inches. My doctor who I love, is amazed. I was on 12 pills a day. I am on my last 2. Will be off those shortly. My permanent damage that was done to my optic nerve is actually getting better. Which we both have no clue why. He just said your tests are fantastic, each time you come in they are better and better. Do not stop whatever it is that you are doing. Yes he had no clue what I was doing because for the last 5 months, this was for me. Not to share just to get my life back. I have an app in a few weeks and am excited to see how things are going. More imortantly I had to share my story for a reason.

I gave up. Someone by the name Amy Radcliffe saw the benefit in this product, and it changed my life. Now I get the pleasure to join others on they're journeys. I get to share this amazing product that has not only helped me get on the road to being healthy, I am almost medicine free, and I am getting the nutrition that I needed. People ask why did you join, and the only regret is that I did not join sooner and did not share sooner. I am here now. You have nothing to lose. Let me help you get to your goal, so you can share your story, cause no matter how much a like or different, we all have one. Thanks for reading and a special thanks to Amy, my amazing supportive Husband Ryan, my kids for being such a great help, and my family and friends that have been such a huge help also.

I am 15 days shy of starting my 3rd Challenge. I would love for you to be a part of it. For more info about Visalus and the Challenge visit my web page-

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Jun 20, 2012