I Am Officially Overweight.

I am officially overweight. My weight has always fluctuated a little and I have gotten near the point of overweight but now I have hit it. I am 172cm and 75kg, so my BMI is 25.4. I am officially overweight.

It turns me on a little, I would love to be at the doctors office and for him to tell me I am officially overweight. Or that I need to lose weight. Or that I have a big belly.

I am now looking forward to hitting obesity.

If I gained 15kg and was 90kg I would officially be obese. I think my belly would be huge at that point and I look forward to the journey of getting there.
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9 Responses Jun 21, 2012

100kg would look great on you! :)

Hi. How big do you want to end up?

Hi I'd like to help u lose weight when will u be online

The only problem is if you ever want to stop gaining weight it is hard. When I reached 200lbs (which I think is about 90kg) I thought my belly was huge but that is nothing compared to what it is at my present weight of just over 250lbs. I never wanted to get this fat but couldn't seem to reverse the weight gaining process. I'm still gaining weight (4 lbs last week) and am certainly not trying to.

How true this is. My weight has been creeping up over the past few years and I never seem to be able to keep if off. Whenever I do lose some weight, inevitably I gain it plus more.

90 kilos, nearly 200 pounds. It's that magic number for me. It's somewhere about that weight that the soft coating becomes interesting. X

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WTG Good Job!

Nice :3

good girl ;) see you tonight :)