I Just Can't

I cant seem to lose weight. I run at least 3 miles everyday and do a whole ab workout set along with other leg workouts. I eat an average amount of food daily and mostly it is all healthy. So far I have gained alot of weight. What is going on? I have been working out and dieting for weeks. Help!?!
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You're young. Your body doesn't want you to lose weight just yet. That doesn't mean you should stop, but rather know that one day you WILL be a fit person, you just have to believe in yourself.<br />
What I did was not eat dinner. I only ate breakfast and supper, that was it for the day. Of course, I had to fight with my parents a lot because of it, until they just gave up.<br />
Don't eat anything after 6 P.M., it's also a factor in losing weight.<br />
Also, if you're doing ad workouts, it might be that your ads are, in fact, making you look fatter, because you can't see them under the fat as they get bigger, pushing the fat out.<br />
Everyones body is different, I can also recommend you get a weight tracking gadget on your phone, computer or whatnot, it helps track progress and your daily calories.<br />
But mostly, HAVE PATIENCE! Those silly ad advertisements that say some random guy lost weight in 6 months is a complete lie. You need at least 6 months to see the fruit of your labor, and a whole year to actually get anywhere from that.<br />
Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy. That's what happened to me, at first I lost only a few kilograms (About 2.2 pounds) every week, month or so, even with all of the workouts and diets I did, but after some strange breakthrough, I started losing weight very, very quickly, as in, if I didn't keep track of it, I'd probably find myself losing 5 kilograms once a week, and that's a lot. Your body needs to realize that the extra weight is useless, so it could shed itself. So, a mix of eating less, working out, and tracking your progress (It's also a factor I think, as I now think that your brain also functions in weight loss, and if you feel happiness when you lose weight and sadness if you don't, it will automatically shed) is basically the idea here.<br />
I could send you some pictures of me before and after (You could also photograph your progress every month, 3 months or so, it also help you realize you're, in fact, making progress), as I now have a small six-pack, but the six-pack will still take some time for it to show, because all of this extra skin is just intimidating me. It's also good to know that you're not doing something wrong if you don't see any improvements over your belly after a certain amount of time, because when you've burnt away the fat under the skin really quickly, and since your skin is loose, it will retract after a certain amount of time around your muscles (Thank goodness, because skin loses elasticity for older people. That's why not many of them are fit in their 40's, and ones that are usually have tons of wrinkles.). You can also speed up that process by building muscle weight around the "gaps" in the belly.<br />
Also, if you want to actually look muscular in the future, I recommend you get dumbbells in your home, and do exercises with them, building arm strength (You'll still lose weight as you sweat, so it's no big deal). There's nothing more gross than a V-shaped man with tiny arms.<br />
And always, ALWAYS speak or read from some specialist on the Internet about this, because there might be some mistake you can be doing that you don't know.<br />
There's also another trick - you have to get yourself rest between exercises (Apparently they help you burn fat as well), I do about a minute before and after every exercise, including the warm up (Warm ups are essential).<br />
I know it sounds complex as heck, but trust me, all things are difficult before they become easy.

Also, I do, in fact, have a massive ribcage. Before hand, it made me look fat, but now it doesn't, as it makes me look V-shaped now. Sylvester Stallone had a massive ribcage as well.
Not sure if you're a girl or a guy, if you're a girl, well, the ideas are still good for you, having a little muscle on your body is still pretty attractive and whatnot.

But there's nothing you should be worried about your bone structure, everyone is different, and things like these can still be dealt with.

its puberty or ur pergant

Hey, it sounds like we have similar body types, although I'm twice your age. The thing is, you're growing, honey! Your body does not want to be deprived of food, and it sounds like you're not giving yourself enough of it. It will cling to every calorie and try to hold on to fat as long as possible because it is going into starvation mode. Eat within an hour after your workouts, and stay hydrated. Stay positive- you're active and probably have great muscular endurance. But make sure you are getting enough fresh, nutrient-dense food like raw fruits and veggies, and stay away from fried greasy foods. Good luck with everything; I wish I had been as active as you when I was a teenager. :)

If your as fit as that then your going to trade fat for muscle which is heavier so although you tone up you will also become heavier.Keep eating healthy and exercising and you will be fine,remember we are all different so enjoy being you.Don't try to be some one else and enjoy being a teen-ager!

thanks for your support and I am trying to stay confident. All of my friends are really thin and have fantastic bodies and are fit and can get away with wearing anything. My wide bone structure prevents me from ever looking that thin because my rib cage is abnormally wide and thick. I also have a more mucsular body when I would rather be more slim.

You just said it your bigger boned and therefor will be bigger but check out John Reages and Hesky(Footballer) look at their profiles they are large boned and also very fit,as I said "BE YOURSELF"

You could be gaining muscle weight, but losing fat. Do you look bettter? Feel better? Weight is just a number on a scale. Im 14 and i weigh 135. Most of my friends are 120 and 130. Its just muscle weight. If you are fit, then you are healthy.

I look a little better but after I way myself i always feel worse. I am pretty athletic and fit, but I have an extremely thick and wide rib cage. No matter how fit I am, my bone structure keeps me from looking "thin." I also have really large knees and wide shoulders.

And thank you and I am just around your weight so it is good to know that I am averge weight.