Never Been Loved !!!

My husband left me because I gained a lot of weight during our marriage. God honest in all the 7 years we were together I didn't notice I was blowing up so much. He never said anything until it became too late. It's been almost 17 month since we separated and not once I had a guy talk to me (not even before that) until now. But of course he turn out to be an a-hole ! For the first time in like forever I thought I had found someone that really like me even if I am overweight. Well think again he claims he likes me a lot but not once he has taking me out because his broke, he has a girlfriend (who by the way is like a prostitute) and his always telling me I have a pretty face! That makes me feel bad because all my life people tells me that why they have to say a pretty face why not just live it as you are pretty! I already know they don't mean my body ! Anyway last night he was telling about his life and he is a looser. Whenever he has a girl he ask them for money, don't like to work, don't know what is like to be with a nice honest girl because as he said he always like Dominican girls that have a nice body and obviously he likes complicated relationships! Sadly said he made me feel amazing every time I went to his house. He made me feel pretty loved and sexy!!! After last night I feel depress and uglier than ever seriously if I don't loose weight I am NEVER going to be happy !!!

Losthope2125 Losthope2125
31-35, F
Sep 9, 2012