Hello. I'm 15 years young, 6' 0", and currently weigh 235 lb. I really need help, help
Blastoise97 Blastoise97
2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

Do you have any medical problems that affect your weight? If not, take a long hard look at your diet, then at your lifestyle. If you want specifics, I am a nutritionist, just message me.

No medical probs at all. And used to eat junk food a lot but not so much now.

Well for a young person like you I would suggest a lot of exercise. Keeping fit when you're young will help you throughout life. Another easy way of losing pounds fast is to drop the carbs from your diet. That means pasta, bread, cereal, donuts... anything that is bread related or grainy. Eating right is especially important for young adults, you are still developing, so don't neglect dairy. Dairy is in my opinion the best food source there is. Avoid 'reduced fat' or 'low fat' options. There is a book you may be interested in; "Eat Fat Lose Fat" about losing weight.