Fighting With My Weight.

in high school I was 210 lbs and every Dr. visit i felt as if i was being judged by them and the nurses. It was bad enough i hear it at home and got picked on at this church I use to go to. It hurt to hear your parents complain about not finding clothes to fit me, but when I asked for changes to be made in grocery shopping [more fruits and veggies since they mostly bought alot of junk food/carbs/canned stuff] I was told I dont have to eat the things they buy, i need to lose weight anyways. Now that I am in college and changed doctors, I was told i had PCOS. I ended up getting a job to help eat better and it worked for a while until problems occurred forcing me to pick between work or school.
Atm I am struggling to keep my weight at least close to normal. I would lose 10 lbs then gain back 20lb then lose 5 then gain a few more.
I'm at a point where I just dont want to fight it and just embrace it.
BobaTea BobaTea
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012