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First of all, i want to apologize for my bad english, this is not my native languge (not very good with grammar :/)
So, "HI!" name is Elma and i'm 20years old. I weigh about 90kg (198lbs)..i say ABOUT because i'm afraid of weighing.
I've struggled with my weight my entire life since I was a little girl(at first i was skinny and "in a sickly manner" and then after i "step" in puberty i start to get fatter and fatter. And here i now..fat, ugly and i'm not feeling very comfortable in my body.
Few days ago i've decided that it's time for some changes, for some big steps and for losing weight..
So i wonder if you can help me. If you can give me some advice or just give me support (trust me, that's what i need). i just need someone who understand me and my problems and who can give me support in my intents...

take care:)
ElmaZenica ElmaZenica
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You should use Easy Slim Tea it is most powerful fat burner. It contains natural herbs & green tea. it helps me a lot.


WE can help you with that. our friends are experiencing 5-20 lbs lost in 11 days. If you are interested let me know. I want you to see two videos to help you inderstand what is going on. After that, if you are ready, call me and we will get you started toward your goals. Take your health back girl!
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