When Is It Going to Go Away

I have been overweight most of my adult life.

I am now trying to eat better, drink less caffienated drinks, do a lil exercise. It's not been easy & tho I don't really SEE any difference, I am starting to FEEL a lil better!

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You should be aware that your muscles won't become visible unless your body-fat drops to below 12%.<br />
<br />
Also forget walking, forget riding a bike. In order to lose weight you need to increase your ba<x>se metabolism. The only way to do that is by increasing the amount of muscle you have. The only way to increase your amount of muscle properly is by eating right, eating a lot and doing weighted resistance exercises.<br />
<br />
It's not hard once you get used to it.<br />
<br />
Remember, it doesn't get easier. You become stronger.<br />
<br />
See a doctor to establish whether you can run with your current weight without destroying your knees. Sprint training is one of the most intense exercises for your legs that anyone can do. Your leg muscles are very large compared to everything else so they burn a lot of fat in a short time.

even if you dont see results, at least you know that you are improving your health. i am not in perfect shape myself but i do try to keep up some healthy habbits. obesity runs in my family so i have become used to it. i would rather live longer and be overweight than to be thin and not healthy. you are beautiful no matter what. you are you!!