Tired of Being Tired

hi everyone, i am new to this site and really need support. i have alot in family and friends but its just not the same when they dont REALLY know how you feel. as alot of you ive been overweight since childhood and im one of those people whe can lose 40 50 60 pounds but witin a year or two its back on.  to top it off ive been diagnosed with major depression so stoping the binge eating or the who cares anyway eating seems soooo much harder than i seem to be able to do alone. just wanting to talk to other people like me and maybe have a support buddy or buddies who i can talk to when things seem to get really bad. i too would like to be able to talk and help any of you that would like a friend online. hope to hear from someone soon, good luck to all and god bless.     leslee

lesleemagbee lesleemagbee
2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

hey leslee, i understand the struggle....i am still trying to manage my late night binges....so i am here if u wanna just chat and stuff....bye:)

Hi leslee i am new here too and i feel how you do