Im a Big Girl But I Still Love Me

I'm a big girl. yes. I hate myself for Why the hell should I? I love my curves...and so do others. It's really sad that so many girls do horrible things to their body b/c they don't like what they see when they look in the mirror. Young girls who make themselves vomit, take all kinds of pills and get surgeries and go on crazy diets. It really makes me depressed and also quite disgusted. In a society that tells the world that thin is in and the only way to be sexy, I can understand why ppl would hate to be fat. But what I don't understand I how you could let someone's point of view ruin your happiness. Ive been called every name in the book and yea as a child it really got to me but after growing up some, and becoming more secure in who I am, it really didn't bother me so much. Yes I have my days where I don't feel so hot but for everyday I feel ugly, I have had 3 days where I felt beautiful. Don't let your image of yourself be based on what others think because they really don't matter in the least.

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20 Responses May 17, 2009

I don't get why every girl with a little bit of wobble hate themselves. Dont forget, the hourglass figure has curves in it as well ;)
I'm a guy though so i still hate my body :/

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I wish I was like you !
you are an inspiration!

ive pumped the pish out of many of fat lass thay are great fun.

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Maybe when your doctor tells you that you are obese your self- confidence goes down the drain. I have medical problems that at the moment that is causing me not to lose weight. As soon is the problem is fixed, I will work on losing the weight. I don't like going out of the house because I don't want people to look at me. I know you have to learn to love yourself but I have failed to do so. I have struggle with this for years. I was a size one back in high school and I am a size 16 today. In high school I would have killed myself if I could have seen the future. I hate to say it but I have vomited, abused pills because I don't want my kids to be ashamed of me. I think about this all the time. I get depressed and because I am in so much pain and food comforts me and then I hate myself for eating. Does anyone else feel like this, sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind.

I don't believe that joekeiser meant anything either, but to help. Because you didn't mention that you do have some days. So he probably just wants to help you with those couple of days that still pop up every once in awhile.

I am happy to see what you have posted with this subject and your own image of yourself. i struggle as i ddid not grow up overweight. i was very active and fit. i had started a family too young and was in an extremely verbal and physically abusive marriage. not allowed to leave the house and all i had in control for myself was food. now just turned 30 i have a hard time with being overweight that i beat myself up about it. i have a boyfriend that i know loves me, but he also has a problem with my weight. if you know of any good groups to talk about this, i would very much appreicate it. thank you

You have a wonderful outlook. You have all the quality's men look for in a lifetime partner. The people who know you are better persons for it. I am inspired by you.

lostsoul22, some people have a hard time getting past the shell...if they did they would find that it doesn't really matter. The inside is what makes the person. Big or small you can't fake the warm smile and sexy eyes....thats what I look for first and foremost. Keep smiling and know there are plenty of people that think your beautiful, and the others don't really matter.

I feel that larger women are beautiful and if u treat them like queens u can find no better love.

I whole heartly agree.I am a big girl and probably will all the rest of my life. But I am ok wit it

lostsoul, you have a wonderful attitude. great story :)

Rather, there are legions of US who think big girls are the most beautiful...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and there are legions of them who think big girls are beautiful.

@ joekeisert, that's an insult. Did you NOT READ what she wrote?! She IS HAPPY AS SHE IS!!

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wonderful thanks for speaking up for woman with curves I like mine and I still feel beautiful even though I am big. I don't feel ugly

Have a great day :)

Great words. I wish more women felt like this. I just say that all women are beautiful, even the twigs.