I had always battled my weight- and went up and down from 160-170- then we built a house and lived on junk food for almost a year- I gained more- up to 185- and I am SO STUCK AT THIS WEIGHT!!  This has been going on for a year!! I have dieted on and off and loose 2 pounds- gain 3- loose 4, gain 2, loose 3- gain 1- It's such a vicious cycle- I exercise regularly and even bought a body bug- have had it for 10 weeks and have nothing to show for it.  I have a very social life- so there are times on weekends- that I do over eat- but I dont' feel it's so bad that I shouldn't see some kind of change....

I'm so depressed about this

What are some of your secrets?  I've never thought of taking a drug to loose weight- but feel almost that desperate- I know they are a lot on the market- but they all seem to have side effects.....

jesswebb jesswebb
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Pills are not the answer to achieve permanent weight loss. Anyone will lose weight by reading and following the right information; as such, being healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet! There are many good tips on how to achieve permanent weight loss; none of them includes gimmicks, diets, or diet pills. To help you with weight control; keep a daily food journal and every time the urge to snack is felt, first drink a large glass of clear water. It does not hurt to treat yourself with something special once in a while, what is necessary is that you moderate your food portions. Being overweight ******, but after reading a book, I lost 85 pounds! Words can not express how good I feel! This is a comment which I recently received about the book Lose Weight Using Four Easy Steps