I'm A Loser

I accept it.  I have done all I can do and the result is the same...no one wants me.  I haven't worked for four of the past five years despite being qualified and no one will hire me.  I am ashamed of myself and soon I'll be living on the streets.  Wish I would just have a heart attack and die.  Right now my goal is to stay alive until my daughter comes to see me in June.  I just can't continue on like this and I see no hope of a better outcome.  I must be a terrible person.  
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Now think about this. I am learning to be more assertive here. If you do not have a good self image of yourself; how is your employer going to have. Life is what we make it; we cannot understand the logic behind things but He does provide a way when there does not seem a way.<br />
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I have a Master's degree, but it is in the field that no one really wanted. I have psychological and mental issues and so that turned everyone away from me. I lived in the street for awhile. Eating wherever I might find something to eat. I never knew where my next meal would come from.<br />
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I was turned down from housing at the time but was receiving food stamps. Just when I thought things were at its worst things became a little brighter. With the help of a lawyer and a good friend I am living in a foreign country with a new family. No matter how young or old we are God has a higher plan for us. He gives us these experiences in order that we might help one another.

Things are improving! I hear I have two job offers coming in this week. I hope they are good. Just having an income would be a huge boost for me.

I like this very much

First of all you are not a loser. It sounds to me like you are depressed and you just want someone to show you some compassion. This is understandable. You are special and your life has worth. You have a child. You have brought forth life into this world. What is more worthwhile than that? Write down on a piece of paper all your hopes and dreams. All the things you want to achieve in life. I don't know if you believe in a higher power or not but if you do, pray to God to give you peace during this time. He makes no mistakes and He made you. Maybe you have to start with something small, like promising yourself that you will come onto this site everyday just to let someone know how you are feeling. You just might be pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support. Please know you are in my prayers.

Thank you. I will try the list. I have two daughters, actually, in their 20s but they are not in a position to help me. I believe in God, but can't understand the logic in using my life in this manner...it doesn't serve anyone's best interests. I will try coming on the site every day...don't expect much, though. I need a job and that's my bottom line. I can't survive without it.

Okay, I am on the site today. Sent out 8 more resumes (15 yesterday)...still feeling overwhelmed and scared. I do pray to God for strength, but I'll ask for peace, too. And a job. I wouldn't be a good street person.

Thank you for adding me to your prayers...sincerely. I believe that helps the most.

I do understand and will be here for you as much as I can.

I am very proud of you!

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