Experience, Projected.

This is a wonderful site. But at times, I find it can creep up on you, slip out from the cloak of the stories and experiences and events, and then blindside you with the sheer mass of humanity that lies behind it.

Behind every story, there's a person, that much is obvious. But, take a moment, and follow that path a while. When it turns out that even one person's story can be overwhelming, can well up and be as enormous as the sum of your own life, just because that's the truth of it - then how can one even begin to comprehend all that lies behind all these stories?
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When people from all walks of life and all corners of the world unite to share little chunks of thier lives in an enviroment of support, remarkable and wonderful things can happen. The world becomes smaller. When you can "experience" more similarities than differences the impact on humanity is nothing short of miraculous. <br />
<br />
This place, this "experience" can change lives!<br />
<br />
Peace and love to all who stop here and share.

As I listen to this and nod, I find that the humanity shared here seems more real and satisfying (at times) than some of the interactions of our daily lives. With the openness in the experiences, and the ability to say how we are really feeling, it creates such a space of vulnerability. It`s an easy thing to respect, since we have shared these parts of ourselves. <br />
There is a healthy community here, and I feel most fortunate to have found it. I haven`t had one of those in awhile. =1

I am finding out how much alone I am not, through this site. It (this site) is something that I have needed for a long time. Just knowing that there really is others out there not having a good time in life as I used to always picture everyone else having fun except me. Common I suppose. Just getting all of my stuff out and knowing that someone will read it without the judgements is helping me alot. For me , to tell the truth is helping me be me and feeling comfortable with me as me is who I am.

I have found that I have learned alot about myself, as I comment on others and read profiles and ponder on lifes stories.

Brings to mind, All those lonely people, Where do they all come from?"<br />
In the time and course of the shear collective sharing of sadness and brokeness there is a shared kinship a harmonic of the heart. <br />
beauty can be so bittersweet sometimes.

It is true that every person tells their own story from their biased point of view. That tends to distort things but at the same time life is all about perception. As long as someone is telling their story the way they perceive it ,and don't intentionally embellish or lie, I am satisfied. The complexity of life is amazing and overwhelming. I myself attempt to put it into words but invariably fall short. When it comes down to it, it's impossible to record.

wise words, El ... very wise. i have to concur. there are a great many who simply seek attention. there are a great many who tell their story the way they recall it. but we must always realize, there's three sides to every story; party a's, party b's and the truth. i don't think everyone out there is being intentionally misleading. no, not at all. but ... WOW! when you stop and read all the stories in a profile and begin to piece together this cyber stranger/friend ... it's quite overwhelming. i mean ... you know more about this person in a few hours of reading than most of their Real Life friends will know in a lifetime of friendship. it's uhh ... for lack of better words ... WOW!

Dodo: It is absolutely impossible to comprehend "all that lies behind all these stories." More important, it is absolutely impossible to comprehend all the lies behind all these stories, the intentional ones, and especially the unintentional ones. But why would you want to? Anonymity is just as likely to increase deception as it is to decrease it.

Ditto, more wise words from TheTardyDodo. If you live in a city, you probably pass thousands of people every day...but you never touch their lives except for that brief moment you shared a space on earth...at least here we can get some perspective on all the complex lives lived out between key-strokes. I especially like what you said about following the path to find the person under it all, it is like that. All these people, so many things I’ve never experienced but they have, so many people…it’s a little overwhelming.

Yeah I have similar thoughts - Like I know you're all the way out in australia following your own path in life, im far away in the UK following mine. And for each of us on here theres a whole story behind all of us.

I wholeheartedly agree.