Cant Take It

I hate to be in huge crowds. I have major panic attacks. I feel as if Im being smothered. Thats why I cant go to alot of rock concerts or crowded bars. I hate the feeling I get.

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5 Responses Apr 18, 2008

I agree and feel the same way. I dont like being in a huge crowd. Its too claustrophobic and there's to much pushing and shoving and people who don't look where they are walking and will bump into you. Also there is the crowd mantality that I dont like either. Where if a few people start to do something then the whole crowd can jump in on it. Like if a few people start to push and shove then the who crowd goes off on it. Or ir a few people in a crowd decide to start smashing something or throwing something or start a fight > then the whole place can start up with that stuff and I dont like that. Crowds can be difficult

im the same way. i dislike when im in a crowd.

I know what you mean Bass. I cant take it!

I'm with you all. Give me a small group of close friends over a group any day. I can get panic attacks in large groups too. Years ago I took relaxation therapy and it helped a lot. I can usually work through it now. Sporting events and theaters and such are ok for me but a large party with tons of people I don't know....nah.

I know what you mean sugarqueen!