I Am Feeling Overwhelmed Today.

I am feeling so overwhelmed today with just life in general. Normally I am the happy go lucky person, but I have some issues that are going on in my life, and there with saying that, it has to do with someone treating my 11 year old son as a puppet. It makes me angry beyond the words that I can manager to muster up, to explain how in rage I am when people treat their children as a tool to hurt someone else, divorced or not, no child should ever hear the other parent talk bad about them in from of them, as much as you yourself are hurt, and angry, that child loves you both, and does not need to hear the crap that gets slammed back and forth. I wish parents out there (not all) would realize the lasting effects this has on children. The use of them.

LadyDove LadyDove
Feb 26, 2009