Quiet And Different

My name is Carolyn of Gor, and I am collared, owned and married by 2 Goren Masters.
      Master Giley, is very loving, sweet, complicated and very romantic.  Master Jeremiah, is quiet, strong, demanding and strict. I fell in love with them many many years ago. I have always wanted to know what they saw in me, but I guess it was not for me to really understand. I love them both equally, and I will be allowed to enter the next life with both of them as well.Many people have asked me, what it is like to really be owned by 2 such wonderful and strange men. I only can reply " I would not want to live any other way without them!! "    BOTH OF THEM !!!

I lay in position waiting for my Masters to give me my next instructions :

                           Lying down, face up, arms over my head with wrists crossed, palms up, legs out.....quiet----VERY quiet  

ownedby2 ownedby2
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

U r so lucky

Holy Cats Woman!!!! Lucky for you get off or get out. What a treat two men all over in it

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What do you mean by your story still stands?

Master Jeremiah here,
There was a slight disagreement between the kajira and myself. The comment was meant for me. Sorry Sir for any trouble.....She was therefore punished.