I Am An Owned Pet

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  The Innocent??)

Yes, it's true, I am an owned Pet. I am lovingly owned by Master Nathan. Until recently, our relationship existed only within the confines of the Internet. Last week, Master Nathan and I crossed over into the realm of "Real Life".  A metamorphosis took place within me.  My fantasy was no longer that.... It was now my truth, my destiny, where I belonged.  And the place I craved to be was kneeling before Master Nathan, ready and willing to eagerly fulfill his innermost desires. I have discovered my "home sweet home".  
Likkmee Likkmee
46-50, F
8 Responses May 5, 2012

Damn, too bad I cannot have the pleasure of ownership over you

I remember the first time I met my Dom in real life. It was absolutely surreal. Nothing like it in the world

MsDazed Do U Currently have an ecstatic master ?

what are your hard limits?

I'm sorry, but your question is not one I choose to answer.

Would you like to be restrained? Entered in all three of your passages? Displayed to Master's friends? Shared with those friends? Penetrated in two places simultaneously? In three places? Displayed in public? There are so many exciting possibilities for an attractive slave.

You are very fortunate indeed. It must have been amazing when you finally got to meet your Master; I am happy for you.

Yes, it truly was. There was a multitude of feelings involved. I cant wait for our next meeting.

Love to lick you

damn well now i cant own you......sigh.

Did you want to?


taken in hand or BDSM?

Neither really.... But there are aspects of both styles that contribute to the relationship.

To impregnate you at will.

A very lucky master!

I would like to think so !! But truth is, I am a very lucky Pet :)