Presenting Myself To My Owner

If you have been reading my stories, you know that I was in a sexless marriage for about a decade until Sir, an unknown man, saw me, found out who I am and decided to take pity on me. He has been training me on becoming a female pet, via email, with my husband's consent. We don't know who he is in real life, or what he looks like. He has been sending me presents in a mysterious ways. All the presents are of sexual concept. Some of them are a collar(he has collared me in his own way, so I am owned by someone other than my husband), pleasure balls, underwear, tying ribbons. The last gift was the ribbons and it included two things that shocked me. Beside the ribbons, there was a blindfold as well as....a ***** and a vibrator!!! My owner had decided that he was going to use me and take me in his own way. I was speechless! He used me a few times in his own way over the holidays. Sir wanted to see me before he used my body.

Sir's orders were for me to appear at a certain store at a certain time, for a half hour, dressed as a female pet. I was to wear of of the sets of underwear he had sent me. The panties have a ribbon that opens them in the middle, and the bra also has a ribbon that lets the breasts come out, especially the nipples. Sir demands only one layer of fabric covering my nipples on ordered outings, as well as hard. On this outing, he wanted me to make my nipples really hard before entering the store, before appearing "before him". I was not so happy about that, since it was an outing we had planned to take our kid to. How could I appear before my child like this? She wouldn't realize what was going on, but she would be able to see my nipples poking through the fabric. I decided to wear a tight shirt, and a knee length yet sexy skirt, and high heeled boots. As I entered the shopping area, I made a quick run to the ladies room to "pucker up" my nipples. My husband, my pet, was all smiles. He was getting turned on by the scene before him. My nipples were really hard when I exited the bathroom. I entered the store, I removed my coat, so they would be more visible, and made sure that all the males at that store admired my body. I cannot lie. At first I was really nervous, self conscious of my appearance while shopping. A few minutes in the store though and I felt a lot more relaxed. I walked all over the store, slowly, seductively. I don't know who Sir is, so any of those men could have been him. I let the male population admire me. I didn't mind. I would bend, pretend that I was looking at products on display, especially when a man came to the aisle. I was looking at all products, especially at ones on lower shelves. Men stared bluntly at times. I knew that one of those male eyes admiring me was Sir. I had to please him so I wouldn't get a spanking for displeasing him. When I got home, I received an email from him telling me that I really pleased him. My makeup, hair and clothing choice were perfect. My walking finally pleased him, because it was very feminine and seductive. I was sooo proud of myself that evening!

A week later, Sir decided he was going to use my body in his own way. He wanted to see me once more though before he did. My orders were to be at the same time as the previous week, for forty minutes, dressed as I liked, wearing my newest red underwear sent by him, but making sure I pleased him with my choice. He was going to use me? I couldn't believe what I was reading! Why?

My choice in clothes were once again excellent! I wore a really short skirt, buttoned down shirt, boots and pantyhose. I couldn't wear stockings this time, since the skirt was so short, it would have shown. I stayed there for forty five minutes as ordered. It was so hot though in there, that I removed my coat and gave it to pet to hold. I had work to do. My nipples had to show, and I had to walk around the place the way I had the previous week. I would walk slowly, seductively drawing all male eyes on me. I didn't look to see if there were any familiar faces. I really don't want to know who Sir is. The mystery makes it a lot more fun. I bent down as far as I could without letting anything show. Many eyes were on me, as well as women's. I hoped Sir liked my appearance once again. The spanking that would have been added, was not something I wanted to experience. Upon returning home, my email was waiting for me. Sir was very pleased once again with my appearance and my stance throughout the whole time I was at the store. He was ready to take me and use me. To be honest, I wasn't. Pet collared me and chained me. I got another spanking that night, a sensual one. It was just a bit harder this time. I recited "Thank you Sir, please take me and use me as your property". WHAT???? Not only was I letting him spank me and then use me, but I was begging him to do so. The feeling of devastation was coming back again. Sir had already had given me one ******, but with flowers. Not with the I was not that simple for me. Even though it is a "game" the three of us are playing, I felt as if I was about to cheat on my husband. When the spanking ended, I was led to the bedroom where I was chained. Pet kissed me tenderly, and I kissed him back. I felt as if I was saying goodbye to him once again. The first time was when when I was being collared by Sir. Now, once again, I was saying goodbye to him. I was led to the bed and tied. I hate being tied. So here I was, collared, clamped on my nipples, and blindfolded. I thought to myself "GREAT!" I wasn't comfortable at all. I heard my pet leave the room, and panic rose. My heart was beating really fast. I was scared, I didn't know what to expect next. I was left there for what felt like an eternity. When pet came back, I felt him next to me in bed, and heard a noise. The vibrator reached my private area. All kinds of emotions arose. I didn't really want this. I was pretty happy with the arrangement so far. Why did Sir want to use me? I was cheating on pet, my husband. Because of his work, I was left alone for long periods of time, and never once did it cross my mind, to cheat on him. I always waited for him, patiently. Not every time did we have sex, but I never thought of it anyway. Men did look at me, sometimes, made passes at them, but I never paid any mind to them. Now, with his blessings, I was about to with a ***** and a vibrator, and under orders. I felt very cheap! I had to go through with it though. My love life has definitely changed for the better since Sir came into our...computers, so I decided that I had no choice. I decided to let go, and at least, enjoy myself. I had a very strong and loud ****** that night. I cannot say I really like the ***** much. It is not as pleasurable as the vibrator, and especially my pet. I thought it would be but it is not. For some reason though, I ****** really strong with it.

After New Year's, Sir wanted to see what I was going to wear to New Year's if he hadn't ordered me last minute to wear his underwear. Once again, I was to appear at the same store dressed as a female pet, wearing the underwear with the string in the middle, being pulled all the way open to feel as if I am naked underneath. I objected to this, for the top was a beige, very see through blouse.  I would not have looked or felt as a sensual, sexual pet, but, would have looked as well as felt, as a prostitute.  Everything would have shown.  Not only my bra,but also, my nipples would have clearly shown through the very thin top.  Sir agreed with me, since he had no idea previously, what I had planned one wearing.  He changed his orders.  He told me that I didn't have to wear that bra, since the object of the game is not to make me look like a prostitute.  I could wear a non padded bra and no underwear.  Sir wanted me to feel the nakedness. I appeared at the designated store dressed in a tight beige top, mini skirt, stockings and double deckered above the knee boots. I stayed in the store for an hour this time, as ordered by Sir. I had a feeling that Sir was watching the entrance to watch me all the time. I walked around once again, feeling all eyes burning on my body. Some eyes were judging me, I am sure. They were probably thinking "What the hell is she doing here dressed like that? Where does she think she is going?" Others saying "The "store" is not where you dress this way". I had no choice though. I was self conscious of the way I was dressed, more than any other time. I couldn't explain it. The store was really crowded too. The other thing about that night was that it was really hot and stuffy in there. I don't deal too well with hot and stuffy places. Being also tired from all the running around for the holidays, as well as having people over three times in two weeks, I thought I was going to faint. I felt my private area exposed, and that didn't feel right either. I was there by the book section, my favorite place at that store, and I couldn't enjoy myself. While being there, I decided to do my weekly slutty behavior, which has also been ordered by Sir. When a man came near me, I bent down low, my bum in the air, and I felt his eyes on me. I was sure from the look on his face, he was aroused by the scene in front of him. When I straightened up again, I didn't look at him. I couldn't. I was embarrassed to.

When the time was up, I ran to my pet, and begged him for us to leave. I was not feeling well. I wanted to leave from that place and never go back there.  When we left the shopping mall that night, it was already late.  It was a cold chilly night, and even though I was wearing a truly heavy coat, the chill reached my private naked area.  I wanted to scream!  It was really cold, and even though I tried to walk with my legs closing off my private area, the chill would reach it anyway.  I tried to think of something else while walking to the car.  I thought about these past few times we had been to that same place.  Even though Sir has collared me, he was a stranger.  I couldn't understand why I wanted to leave this last time so fast from there.  I felt really weird presenting myself to him.  I felt like livestock parading in front of this man, even though, I have no idea who he is.  On the other hand though, I feel a lot more confident doing so, even though I really don't like being dressed in a shopping area this way.  I like getting dressed up, actually I love it.  What I don't like is being told when, how, where and what to wear my clothes.  I know I have forgotten how to be a woman, but given the chance I can surprise everyone.  As presenting myself to an unknown man, who owns me, it doesn't really bother me, as long as there is no need for actual physical contact.  It actually feels a little slutty, even a little kinky if I may say so myself.  

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I have owned long distant online married slaves before. Because I was unable to travel at the time, I enjoyed sending her friends to dominate and administer corrections as my surrogates. It was fun.