Tables Have Turned: Dominating Master As A Pet

As everyone who has been keeping up with my stories knows, I am a married woman, a pet in training by a stranger, Sir, via email, with my husband's blessings. I have been collared by Sir, punished as well as given pleasure by him, through the gifts of a ***** and a vibrator, operated by my husband. My husband until a few weeks ago, was my master in this training game. He has also been collared by Sir. He has always been very obedient to Sir, from the first day of this game. I, on the other hand, did everything kicking and screaming. Everything changed when master admitted to me that he liked being spanked. It all started when he got spanked for not keeping up with my training tasks. I was late with their completion, and master who was supposed to be supervising me on them, was not very diligent. He was spanked for about a week hard. Because I couldn't spank him anymore, Sir took pity on me for a while, and paused his spanking. When they resumed though, everything had changed.

Before New Year's, Master's spankings resumed. He was to count only the spanks that hurt him. When I spanked him softer than I was supposed to though, he did't count. I couldn't believe it! He was admitting to me, that he wanted the spanks to be harder!!! If it was me, I wouldn't have admitted to it. I would have, at least, pretended to be in pain. After all, it is very degrading being spanked, never mind the pain and the suffering the hard spankings create! I was pondering over this notion. I gathered all the courage I had, and asked him if my thoughts were correct. The first time, he denied it. I wrote an email to Sir telling him my thoughts on the matter, and he told me to pressure him into admitting. That night, I pressured Master. I wouldn't let go of the matter. Finally, and to my astonishment, he admitted to liking the spanking. He also admitted that he liked being ordered by Sir, he liked being collared and owned by him. It was one thing thinking that he liked it, but it was a totally different thing him admitting it to be true. I was crestfallen! In a way, I liked the idea. To my surprise, it was turning me on. Sir, was very sure that I had a submissive nature. Deep down inside, I knew this wasn't true. I always didn't feel right when I was being dominated by either Sir, or Master. I just felt I wanted to scream instead of following their rules. It always felt like I was only doing them because I had to, not because it came naturally to me. Always, something didn't sit well with me. Sir was happy of my success in making Master admit to his submissiveness. He had the inkling that at the end of the game, I would not be the submissive pet to my master, but Master will be my submissive pet to his Mistress, being me! I had to prove to Sir, that this was possible.

That night, I had my work cut out for me. I had to dominate Master and make him feel submissive to me as well as Sir. I honestly thought this would be a difficult challenge, a challenge that would be difficult to complete. I ordered him to take a shower, as well as shave himself for the first time. While he was executing my orders, I got ready. I wore my collar, my black and red underwear Sir had sent me a few weeks prior, and a pair of stiletto shoes. I entered the sitting room where Master was sitting, waiting for me, oblivious to what was to follow. When he came out of the shower, he found me sitting comfortably on the couch. I gave him his collar to wear, as well as the nipple chain Sir had sent him. Master, obliged. I ordered him to kneel and put his hands behind his back, which he also did without any objections. I played with the chain, which was obvious, it aroused him. I kept asking him if he liked being on his knees and he would reply "Yes, Mistress!" I was still a little cautious to believe that he liked it. I made him sit there, on his knees with his hands behind his back, collared, nipple chain on his nipples, for a long time. I asked him if he liked being dominated this way, by me especially, and he answered "Yes, Mistress!" WOW!!! I was dumbfounded! I asked him if he liked being a pet for that week and he replied once again "Yes, Mistress!" This time though, he had a smile on his face. His eyes told me that he was really enjoying this. I was beginning to relax a little. I was afraid that this would shatter his ego after all that he had been through the last few months by Sir. On the contrary, he was enjoying every minute. I placed the chain on his collar and dragged him in front of a mirror. I introduced the whip Sir had sent us. I had it hidden under a pillow on the couch. His eyes widened. I asked him if he wanted to be spanked by me, his Mistress. If he wanted me to BE his Mistress. He was affirmative to both questions. I could see in his reflection in the mirror, that he was telling me the truth. I smiled, but deep down, I was in shock. I couldn't believe that he liked it. I was afraid that my feelings would change for him. I was hoping that this wouldn't be true. I felt really bad for him. I couldn't believe how submissive he was to me at that moment. I decided though, that this predicament we were in, was my fault, and I had to go through with it. Besides, I was beginning to like this. I always loved to make him happy. I loved the glimmer he had in his eyes when he was happy, and from what I could see, that glimmer was indeed in his eyes. I felt myself getting wet. I caressed his back with the whip. His strong and sexy back. I asked him if he was ready. I have always been against hitting, but he was actually anxious to receive it. It was as if he was begging me to whip him. I started to whip his bum. He could only count the whips that actually hurt. I tested him a few times by not whipping him "so" hard, but hard enough, and he wouldn't count those whips. He moaned as the whip crackled on his bare bum. He was watching himself being whipped by his until a few days ago, submissive pet. He was now becoming my submissive pet, dominated by me, his Mistress. I would ask him if he wanted to be whipped harder, and he confirmed my theory with each of his replies. I must have given him over fifty whips by the time I was finished. He moaned as a pet, enjoying every minute of it, as if asking for more. If it was me, I would have ran away, locking myself in a place where the whip wouldn't find me.

When finished whipping his butt, I sat on the couch and ordered him to kneel in front of me. He anxiously, obliged. I could see that he was in pain, and my heart sank. I had hurt him. He didn't say no to anything. Even though he was in so much pain, and it was evident in every movement of his, he didn't bring any opposition. I thought for a second what I would have done in his place, and it was far from what he was doing! Once again, a vision in my mind came of me running to escape both Sir and him, locking myself in the bathroom. He was there, my pet, waiting for my next orders, orders he knew came from someone else, another man. My man, the love of my life! I realized that I was more in love with him at that point, more than I had ever been. I grabbed him and kissed him hard on the lips. I grabbed his chain and ordered him to kiss me everywhere, to give me pleasure with his mouth, and his mouth only, while he was kneeling in front of me with his hands behind his back. After being so many years with him, he knew exactly where to go and how to drive me wild, even if it was only with his mouth. He knew this and I knew that he was getting aroused, and I this was turning me on even more. When I climaxed, and it was very strong, I was very happy to see he was hard. He couldn't have his way with me as it was his spanking day, but I could use him any way I wanted to. Not having let go of his chain, I ordered him, my pet, to stand up. I was still a little shaky from my strong ******, but I got up and pulling his chain, led him to the bedroom. I thought to myself "This is very hot!!" I was panting for more. I got on the bed and ordered him to pleasure me once again. He kissed and licked every inch of my body. His touch made me shiver no matter where he was. He was more hard than I had ever felt him before!! I thought to myself "He is really enjoying being ordered around by me! Don't stop now!" I ordered my new pet to have sex with him. He was so erect by my words that I had to make him feel more submissive to me. I told him "You cannot climax until you ask for my permission to do so. If you do, I will punish you." He stopped and looked at me. I could have sworn that he was wondering how he was going to succeed in this, feeling so turned on by me already. He nodded though. Right before he finished, he asked for my permission, almost begging me. I had forbidden him twice already. When he did, I had the strongest ****** I had had in a while. The idea of me dominating him, really aroused me!

It has been two weeks that I am a Mistress to my submissive pet, my husband. For the past 15 years I have been with him, I had always tried to satisfy his needs, always putting my needs behind me. This never felt right. Not that I don't love him, wanting to make him happy, but it just didn't really satisfy me. I always thought that there was something missing in our relationship, and probably why our sex life had been turned into a dull "obligation", carried out once or twice a year. I was finally enjoying myself, ordering him in very sexual manner. Since then, I had had to give him five rules which must be obeyed at all times. One of them being not able to touch me until he has permission to do so. I was afraid that my feelings for him would change if I was to dominate him. On the contrary, I count the minutes until we are both home, alone, and I get to order him and whip him, spank him with a spatula, just plainly dominate him. For the past few months, I was in training to be the submissive one. Now, with Sir's guidance, I am being trained as a Mistress, as well as a sensual, seductive pet, all the while, training my pet as well. I love the way he has accepted his submissive side, and has let it surface, and has surrendered power to me. I feel more and more in love with him as each day passes by. I don't know if this feeling will subside, but as of this moment, I can't wait to dominate him again. As a matter of fact, I must end my story here, because I have orders to whip him tonight, and this is arousing me as each minute ticks by till I do.

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Jan 13, 2013