Or, My Bags Are Packing Me.

If anyone said to me "What are you doing right now?" I'd say I'm Packing.  But what I'm really doing is Procrastinating.

I picked out a black singlet to put in my case, and then I spent the last hour sprinkling and spraying bleach onto it to watch the black bubble and fade to a kind of dark orange/brown hue. It's completely transformed the shirt now, and now I'm on the fence as to whether I like it/would wear it anymore. So I haven't packed that yet.

When I'd done the singlet I grabbed a pair of frayed denim cut-offs that I'd been wanting to bleach, and attacked those.  I went a bit overboard with it though and broke the spray bottle I was using. (I ended up pouring bleach on them so they're kind of soaking in it now out on the deck.)

And now I'm on EP ;) waiting for the bleachy stuff to get dried. It's pretty sunny today, it shouldn't take long.

I guess I like writing about packing bags more than I like packing bags. Yeah, I'd say that was a fair conclusion.

You know, I think my real problem is that I have too much stuff.  And I want to throw away everything I don't take away with me, so it makes it that much harder to split up the good from the bad.  I'm not ruthless enough!

I'd better start from the beginning, or at least back-track to a little earlier, at least to before I started bleaching my clothes, for the benefit of you, whoever you are, so you have a better idea why I'm packing.

I'm moving away to study in two days, and I'm not planning to come back home until the end of the year (unless there are some quite nice flight specials in my term breaks).  So I wanna take it all away with me. But it won't really fit in m'case, aye.

It'll be cold there, cold as. I don't think it snows where I'm going? But it might. (INTERMISSION TO LOOK UP WEATHER ON GOOGLE) Oh, yeah. It snows.  So I'm definitely taking my collection of woolly hats then.

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i give packing bags a new ...."meaning"........pop.