Tomorrow is the day that I leave, I'm taking it like I'm not going to see my family here and friends. I want to say thank you for everything or hang out with them. Not of them wanted to hang out with me. I was alone and I'm sad that I didn't get to say good bye. I'm going to miss them, I have a feeling that I'm not coming back. That's why I wanted to hang out and say bye to them. I'm leaving the country and God knows what is there to be. What his plans is for my life, I'm sorta scare but I know that God is with me and nothing can be against me. Still my family and friends make me sad to leave them. This is what I was wishing for a long time. Now that I got it, it's not as fun or adventurous. Good bye loves! Keep in touch and hope to see you all in October.
treto treto
26-30, M
Aug 24, 2014