Hmm A Bit About Me

i currently live in central Texas, i am well pagan, hard to be more specific cause i am ecollectic in nature but i draw alot from Germanic tribal practices. I am most unusual cause i deal with gods and other such things from time to time as needed but i do not worship anything, never felt the need cause i have yet to meet anything i could not handle and this includes gods. cause of my ecollectic nature i am versed on many paths and know ways to handle most anything and i am free to answer any questions anyone might have.
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It sounds as if you just kinda make spirituality as you go. I have an honest question for any "pagan" willing to answer and it is meant to be non offensive so don't take it that way. Being as how the connotation of paganism is the worship of apostate gods what is the point? Maybe I do not understand paganism well enough as I have not spent much time on it pursuing the ideals of Christianity. Know i sit in no judgement of your beliefs but rather hope to have a better understanding. Thanks